Friday, October 06, 2006

Magic Mountain

Tonight, after the softball game I will be leaving for Magic Mountain in California with my daughter. It's, what Arizonian's call, a turn around trip. This is where a bunch of teenagers and their guard dogs (that would be me) get on a bus at midnight. We drive to the park, just in time to enter. We play all day and then get on the bus again to drive back to Arizona. Of course, we sleep on the bus. At least that's what they told me when I volunteered to be a chaperone.

Therefore, I won't be running today or tomorrow. I got a 4 mile run in last night with a bit of an upset stomach. I was thinking about running in the "Race for the Cure" Sunday morning. Since we don't get back from Magic Mountain until late Sunday morning, I will probably skip it this time around.

Additional edit: I did have some time before the softball game to get in a mile. Fellow blogger, Vic just ran a one mile race and was pumped about it, so I decided to do just a mile before the game. My time was 11:31. 21 seconds slower than my personal record (PR) and 24 seconds slower than Vic. I like running the mile for time and will continue to do so in the future.


K80K said...

A bus full of teenagers? Good luck with being able to sleep. They are going to be so excited I am sure they won't be staying quiet enough for sleep.

Jennifer said...

I agree with K80K, good luck in getting any sleep on the bus! I think you will just have to get your sleep when you are home!

Phil said...

Have a great time at MM and best of luck with all the kids. Don't worry about missing the "Race for the Cure". The Phoenix event is a little more than a slow moving circus. The Komen event is a great fund raising event for breast cancer, but it's a lousy race. The race is poorly organized and there are way to many people screwing around on the course, especially on the first mile. There are plenty of great races in the Phoenix area throughout the year (we'll point them out).

Have fun in California

Pat said...

the kids weren't bad.We had kids from about 4 different church's on our bus. Watched dvd's for a few hours, as we fell asleep. The hardest part was sleeping on a bus. Earl, our driver did a find job of dodging bumps. We had a great time at Magic Mountain. Love those roller coasters. I didn't worry about my calorie intake. But, since I'm not crazy about amusement park food, I don't think I over eat. All in all, had a great time and the kids did too.