Friday, October 13, 2006

I love Softball!

Softball Report: Our church team is really coming around. Last week we won 14-13, scoring 3 runs in the last inning. Tonight we won 22-2. That's right 22-2. That makes us 2-4 with one game left before the playoffs. I had two good hits. Both went to the fence on a couple hops. Someday, I'm gonna hit one over the fence. Someday.

Baltimore Marathon: Tomorrow is the big day in Baltimore. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and everyone will have a great run. Katie, one of my donors for the Leukemia Society is running a half marathon. Go Katie!

Team In Training (TnT) update: We've gotten 15 donations to date. From Arizona, Ohio, Indiana, Maryland, California, Illinois & Wisconsin. Only 43 states to go. If you'd like to donate, please click on "support my running" at the top left of this page or right here.

Oh yeah. Today's a rest day. Tomorrow morning I train with TnT at Granada Park.

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Phil said...

Hi Pat .. just catching up with my blogging friends. Looks like you had a great run on Thursday. You are correct ... walking isn't cheating ... your moving and improving week over week.

Good idea on the "Arizona Ice Bath". Try sitting on the top step of your pool. This takes the stress off your legs and gets your hips in the water. Your hip flexors will thank you latter.

Have a great week running.