Tuesday, October 03, 2006

One small step for a man, and I'm out of breath.

So, September is over and I logged in a bit over 80 miles. That in it self is a giant leap! Since August 1 I have logged 135.42 miles. Most of them in my neighborhood and my neighbors are starting to wonder about me.

I've decided to clear off all the junk that's on top of my exercise bench in the garage. I got a great deal on it, but lately it's just been a place to store tools, paint brushes and the like. Now it will be my home between runs. I was running almost every day, but they say the rest day is when your legs rebuild stronger. So now, I'll run every other day. Weight lift in between.

On the 30th, I did 4 miles in my neighborhood in 54:58. Splits of 12:13, 13:50, 14:42 and 14:11.
On the 1st of October I did an upper body work out.
Yesterday the 2nd i ran 4 miles in 52:05. A 13 minute pace. If you want to see my daily mileage look on the left bar at the bottom, you can click on the mileage total anytime or here.

How's the donations coming? California and Maryland are in the lead. I'm looking to get donations from every state. It's still early, but you can Donate Here.


Carl " Ray Markini " Nordstrom said...

One thing I will say is remember that when you lift weights, those same muscles need to rest to gain more strength. So if you try to run after working out your legs it may come back to haunt ya! But great job on the miles! The Base is the Place!

Vic said...

good luck and congrats on clearing off the bench. I so need to do some strength training.