Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Latest Runs

I'd love to have a tech shirt that says:
I have two speeds.
If you don’t like this one,
you won’t like the other one.
Saturday: 3 miles in 39.10. Heavy rains at 6:30 am. Granada Park/ Canal - Phoenix.
Sunday: Rest day. 1 mile walk with family
Monday: 4 miles in 48.54. 9 pm. 70*. splits: 11.54/11.40/13.27/11.51. PR for 4 miles.

Saturday was the first practice with TnT. There was about 50 runners. As soon as we started, so did the rain. It rained pretty good the entire time on I was on the canal. After the run we heard short talks from Scottsdale Running Company on picking the right shoes to run in, a chiroprator and massage therapist.

Monday evening, Tyler and I went to the Phoenix Rock Gym. His Adventure Crew (a branch of the boy scouts) goes there to climb the walls often. I climbed about 4 times. Making it to the top twice. Afterwards, I ran my 4 mile route in record time. I kept busy by counting the Saguaros. There are 18 of them on my run.


Vic said...

fun in the rain.

Phil said...

Running in the rain is always fun (even when it gets a bit colder). Have a great week.