Saturday, September 01, 2007

108 Degrees in the shade

Yesterday the high was 108. Ah, a cooling trend.

Being the brilliant, wise runner that I am. I waited until after 8 pm to run in 99 degree weather. I was feeling pretty good after a mile and decided that I would stretch this run out and make it my long run for the week. My new marathon training plan called for a long run 0f 5 miles for week 1. I don't consider that a long run, so I was hoping to get in at least 6, maybe 7 miles for a long run this week. I crossed north over Ray Road and ventured into a new running area. As I got close to the Wendy's I remembered they have this new twisted Frosty, should I stop for one? No, I'm in serious training mode. No Ice Cream Stops!

However, I didn't bring extra fuel for a longer run, so I crossed Warner Road and headed to the 7 Eleven. Oh, thank heaven for 7 Eleven. I got a Reese's Fast Break candy bar and a pack of starbursts to go. I was a little over 2 miles into my run and that candy bar was unbelievable. A lot of calories, but unbelievable non the less. I continued on westward, past my kids high school and to stop #2 - Mobile on the Run(this is what came up for a link). I ran out of water and it was time for a Gatorade(Green Alert: not green, I bought a throw away bottle). As I was leaving I walked past a gas truck driver, so I said hi. He looked at me like I was some nut out for a 6 mile run on a perfectly good friday nite with a bit of a 'I got a chain saw in my truck, boy' look. I started to run. About a half mile down the road it was time to cross to the southside of the street. As I was crossing, I got to the center island of Ray road, a 4-6 lane road and I saw some headlights. So, I waited. Luckily, I did because here comes the gas truck barreling down the road and you know he would have love to make me his new hood ornament. I can just hear him with John Denver playing in the background -



"Almost Heaven, West Virginia

Blue ridge Mountains, Shenandoah River

Life is old there

Older than the trees

Younger than the mountains

Growin' like a breeze."



"Come on boy, cross that street" But, I waited and I live to run another day. I continued eastward toward home at this point. I ran past one house that had hundreds of plastic forks laying in the street in front. the high school kids like to 'fork yards'. I guess they had to abort this attempt.

I ended up my run in front of my abode after 6.22 miles.
In 1 hour and 26 minutes. Day 51 is now official. I walked into the family room and sat on the stationary bike. My wife and son looked at me as they were sitting on their a..., chairs and said in unison - 'you stink'.

Ahh, the life of a runner.

Crossing Streets

How do you cross major streets. Here in Chandler, AZ all the major streets are exactly one mile apart and the head east/west or north/south. A large grid for the most part. I find when I go to a light, I have to wait and then I still might get run over by a driver not looking but turning right. But, away from the light traffic is lighter and there are times were no cars are near for a good minute or more. I like to cross at these points.

You can see on this aerial. I choose not to cross at the light. see all the traffic. I jayran down the road. I believe it's safer. What you think? What do you do on your runs? I'd like to know.

Going Green
You might notice I will have a Green Alert every once in a while. I am trying to think more green these days. Hopefully, you are too. It's mostly for my own sake. But, whenever I notice something that is good or bad for the environment, I will mention it. I by no means, think that I am a plus for the enviroment or better than most. I'm just trying to be better than I am today. If you notice something in my blog that is good or bad for the environment, let me know. I'm already using reusable bottles that I carry when I run. We're trying not to buy too many water bottles that get thrown away.
keep this to yourself - I like Almost Heaven by John Denver. It reminds me of my dad, driving on vacation down to Florida when I was a kid. But, don't tell anyone.


Darrell said...

Crossing at the light is probably safer but more disruptive to the flow of the run. Be careful either way.

Gee, my family has never told me I stink when I get home from a run, NOT! 8-)

Firefly's Running said...

108 - a cooling trend? Wow! I am so glad that I am not down there. Yuk!

Spark Driver said...

Your adventure with the petrol tanker (sorry some Aussie speak there) reminds me of the Spielberg classic movie Duel.

Well done on getting out and pounding the streets on such a hot afternoon.

Jeff said...

Nice run report, Pat. Always entertaining to see where you're gonna end up. I had the same thought when I was on the 1/2 marathon training, but the low numbers got big pretty quickly. I'm rooting for you!

J~mom said...

You are cracking me up...your blog is so interactive. I am glad to see you having fun with it. :>) Nice job on that run!

J~mom said...

PS I loooove John Denver. Reminds me of going to the cabin as a little girl.