Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Longest Yard

Actually 15,840 yards. That's what I ran today. I got up at 5:10 am to get my long run out of the way before it got hot. It's 97 degrees as I right this. My plan, as you can see on the map, was to run to Desert Breeze Lake, then past the Intel Plant, down the Gila Springs running trail and lake, down to the path that runs through Twelve Oaks and then north along side the Stellar Airpark. I needed to add a little bit to this run so I did the 'ladder' for the first time. You can see that part of the run on the map. It's a series of switch backs (without the elevation gain) near my home. All in all, I got in my 9 miler in 2:11 and some change. I hadn't run for this long since my last half marathon back in March.

This time, however I walked almost 40% of the time. I don't know why, but I felt tired after 2 miles. I thought about turning around and just doing a 4 miler. I'm hoping cooler weather will allow me to go further. I kept going and did walk breaks often. I ate some shot bloks and that seemed to give me a little bit more 'get up and go'. They say the long run is about time on your feet. If that is the case, then I got time on my feet and my 10 miler in two weeks won't be as difficult. Hopefully, it will be cooler.
The Biggest Loser Fantasy League: Week two is almost here. Most of you have picked your next two players. If you haven't you need to before Tuesday. My picks are going to be Bill on the black team and Phil. We don't know how much the black team lost the first week. So, if anyone picks someone on the black team and we cannot determine how much they lost each week, I will take an average. If you want to see who picked who, go to the link to the right of my posts titled 'The Biggest Loser Fantasy League'.

Do You Know What This Is?

I like to read beth's blog Fake Plastic Fish, a blog about our consumption of plastic and one persons quest to eliminate as much plastic from her life as possible. She's also a runner that just did the Disneyland Half Marathon down in Anahiem earlier this month. She talks about plastic things that we really don't need and will probably end up in a landfill for the next few centuries. Here' one I own. Do you know what it is? Hint, it's a kitchen item that we use, but could live without too.

About a month ago I got read of the word verification and braced myself for the onslaught of spammers. None. That's right, no mass mailings to my blog. I'll let you know if things change, but you might consider dropping your word verification. You might get more comments.


Margie said...

I'll take Amy & Ryan

RunnerGirl said...

I posted it undder the Tuesday night blog... but here they are:

Team Chubbikins' show #1 roster:
Jim (Black team - listed as James on the website - and my original pick)
Ryan (Blue team), and
Amy (Red team)

Pokey said...

WAY TO GO PAT! Awesome 9 miler!!

I got my longest run in today too...longest in a year! Havent posted the race report yet on my blog, but it's coming.

Doesn't it feel great?

Oh Happy Long Run Day!

And yes, I know what it is - an orange peeler!

Dan Seifring said...

Nice Long Run Pat. I never get span and would like if people did away with it as well.

J~mom said...

Oohhh orange peeler? We have one as well but I never use it. Guess I don't need it. :>P