Sunday, September 16, 2007

"I Did A Run" on tired legs

Today's course was at the Arizona Horse Lover's Park. We ran the trails that the horse's do. It started just above the big horse ring and went counter clockwise. The canal below is the Central Arizona Project and the water is from the Colorado River. It was a beautiful desert trail run.

After yesterdays 9 miler I took a nap. Then I took another nap in the early evening. Then I had to pick my daughter up at 11:30 pm from the homecoming dance. I went to bed thinking I was tired and vowed to get up and see how I felt. I got up at 6 am and felt tired with a headache. But, I thought I would eat breakfast and see how I felt. Then I got in my car and drove north into Scottsdale figuring I would see how I felt. I was still tired, sore and I still had my headache. But, since I was there I thought I would run. I switched from the 10k to the 5k.

This race is free for Arizona Road Racers members. If you sign up for ARR, you get to run it for free. No tees, but lots of food and drink at the finish line. It's called the "I Did A Run". But, there were no dogs to pull us along the way (Ididirod).

I actually took pictures at the start. It was chip timed so I ended up being the second last one to start running. I did splits of 10.36,11.46 and 12.32. My final 1/10 of a mile was at a split of 8.45. I do like to bring it home on the fly.

This is a fun course because you run on dirt trails that are used for horses. It's the Arizona Horse Lover's Park at Reach 11.

PF Chang's Marathon: I read a unique race report this morning about last years PF Chang's half marathon. My first race was also the first race for this couple. But, this race report was done by their friend who was attending a marathon for the first time. It's a different perspective, which I enjoyed reading. If you read it, you might want to leave them a comment. I'm sure they'll be befuddled (yes, befuddled) that strangers are reading this post so long after they wrote it.


J-Wim said...

Nice run Pat. Was that a Vanity afterburner??

Database Diva said...

Dropping from the 10K to the 5K was probably a good choice. Last fall when I was training for the Las Vegas Marathon, I did my long runs on Saturdays, and ran several on the following Sundays. I called them "recovery runs", and not once did I feel disappointed that we were already at the finish line! Three cheers to you for not rolling over and going back to sleep this morning!

I really enjoyed the "different perspective" blog post. I'm always fascinated about what motivates people to participate in their first race. It is also quite interesting to read the thoughts of the observers.

I do hope the temperatures are a little warmer (but not a lot warmer!) in 2008.

Database Diva said...

Hmmm, maybe I should proof read my comments before hitting the button. I meant to say I ran several 5K races on the day after my long runs. 5K on rubber legs is about as much as I can handle.

J~mom said...

Pat, I don't know how we totally missed you this morning! There weren't that many people there. Looks like you had a great run! Jacob and I enjoyed it. :>)

Nice job on your training! Your nine miles went great!

Karen (pokey) and I are going to try to meet for a long run sometime in the next couple of weeks. Let me know if you want to meet. I am not sure what she is up to mileage wise but I am due for an 8 miler.


Marcy said...

Go Pat!! Go Pat!! I was just commenting on Chad's blog that I had NO idea you all were running. Dang! You did awesome!!

Look at Lisa trying to get you in a 3some :P kidding!!!

Pat said...

yeah, she's that way. But, Chad and I are happily oblivious to her intentions.