Friday, September 21, 2007

Calling all participants of the AZ Rock and Roll Marathons

Yes, there's a blog just for runners, volunteers or fans of the PF Chang's Rock and Roll Marathons. Visit it if you'd like to lurk or post.

I've seen several other races, both Ironman and marathons have a blog like this. It would be a great way to connect and we might even end this blog with a Pasta Dinner the night before the big race. Well, I guess we'll end this blog with a bunch of inspiring race reports.

So, check it out. I hope to meet a lot of you fellow PF Chang runners.

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Database Diva said...

Hi Pat,

I'm running the AZ RnR half in January. I'd love to join the blog. I know a few people who are running it, so I'll be sure to share the link.