Thursday, September 06, 2007

Fantasy Biggest Loser Update

Our League consists of:

Pat's Pounders - Amy
Marcy's Meatrolls - Kae
Wim-sical - Isabeau
Jeff's Former Fatties - Neil
Dan's Eliminating the Excess - Phil
Bob's Waddlers - Kae
Ken's Weight and See - Bryan
Katie's FIRMin8ors - Ryan
Tiggers Hate Honey - David

Hopefully, we will get many more league members. Jeff asked what are the stakes? Good question. He suggested that the winner gets something from the other teams. I like this ideal. The item should not be too expensive, it should be something from your neck of the woods. For instance, he lives in Baltimore the home of Underarmour; so he would send some UA stuff. Again, not to expensive. I live in Arizona, so I could send a minature cactus, a scorpion in a paperweight or maybe some running gear with an arizona theme. You get the ideal. I will assume everyone's ok with this plan. If not, let me know. Again, this league is for the fun of it, more so than the loot.

Bob's Waddlers had a couple questions. You can lose a player. So when picking, choose players that can lose lots of weight, but also will stick around. You can trade players to other teams. I might trade a 'higher loser' to Bob for someone I feel won't get voted off. You can also trade for a player that no one has. Let's say no one picks Amber. You don't want Kae anymore. You can make that trade with the 'free agent pool', as long as you are trading an active player. You have to trade guy for guy and girl for girl.

All teams must have at least two players. So if you go below that you are allowed to take a player off the free agent list. If there's no one on the free agent list, then you are out of luck. Towards the end of the show, when there are less than 5 contestants, everyone will be shorthanded. What happens if they bring someone back, like they did last year? If that player was on your team and you have not replaced them, you get all their weight loss. If a player is sent home, they are still on your team. They just aren't counted and cannot be replaced from the free agent pool unless you are down to one player. You can trade them. If I was down to two lousy players and I wanted someone from the free agent list, I could trade with J-wim for a 'player sent home' and then since I only had one active, I could release one of my 'players sent home' for a free agent. Hope that makes sense.

If you haven't figured this out yet. I am making up the rules as we go. I'm sure at some point I will make a rule that doesn't work with another rule. If so, let me know. I will try to be as fair as possible. If you would like your weight loss shown next to your teams, I will show it. I will not count it and you do not have to list your weight. If you do list your weight, weigh in as close to the show day as possible.

Finally, talk smack, have fun and visit each other's blogs. All of you have great blogs. Blog about this league and get fans. If you have fans and want me to list them, I will. I will, also send a 'press release' to NBC and the Biggest Loser. This might just be the first fantasy league for them.

If you haven't joined our league or want to know more about it see the previous post.


Last night Tyler and I went to our first Kendo class. It is a Chandler Recreation Department class on Japanese Swordsmenship. I am part Japanese (yes, theirs lots you don't know about me) and Tyler (like all teenagers) likes to play with weapons. We practiced in a junior high wrestling room with the mats. We learned the first Kata. Sensei Mark demonstrated on me. It was a series of attacks that I was supposed to block with my sword. Eventhought I knew where the attacks would be, I had a tough time of it. Since, my sensei did not stop, I kept getting hit. Left, right, high , low. And I paid for this class?

It was a good workout. My left knee was in agony the whole time. I tried to run afterwards, but could only manage about a mile of run/walk. I got 2 hours of Kendo practice in and about 15-20 minutes of run/walk in. I broke a sweat, so that counts as a workout and so I am now at 57 days. If I reach 100 days I plan to revise my workout minimum.


J~mom said...

AH! I know nothing about that show! Darn!

The One and Only Tigger said...

I saw your posting on J-mom and a couple of other blogs. I would like to become part of your big looser competition.

Marcy said...

Lisa, I don't know anything either but I'll learn. Start DVR-ing it baby!!! And git yur butt in the game!

J-Wim said...

You have a lot of time on your hands to think this thing through. Thanks for all the thinkin!

TNTcoach Ken said...

I don't even have that much time to read the rules, so I just winging it.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

That's way too complicated for me to keep track of...and I'm an accountant! I do love that show, though.

I don't know if Kendo counts as a workout...sounds more like worked-over to me. Ouch. ;-)

Jeff said...

Pat, it all makes sense but the "your weight" part. Is this part of the contest? Also, is the contest based on percent of loss of pounds of loss?

RunnerGirl said...

I am so in! I will take James, and my team name will be "The Chubikins"

Pokey said...

I'm with some of the others...clueless on all the rules, but I'm game anyway!

I'll take Nicole.......letseeee, team name......... Pokey's Potbellies. :)

I'm wingin' it!

Brittney said...

Kendo...have you had any previous martial arts experience? I'd question any Sensei that starts you out with partner kata's on the first day without pervious experience, especially a weapon kata. There is why to many things that could go wrong.

Be careful.