Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Beautiful Day to be on the Golf Course

I spent time on a golf course and didn't make a single bogey, nothing over par. Of course, I didn't bring my clubs.

Today I headed out to the canal to run 6 miles. I park in the golf course parking lot and I'm the only one there. It's 7:30 am on a beautiful day in Arizona and the golf course is empty. This is the week the golf course overseeds the course with winter rye. The sprinklers were all on and no golfers.

I ran on the canal for the first 3.5 miles and then back to the parking lot. My plan was then to run north thru the golf course to Kiwanis Park to get in a total of 6 miles. But, hey no one was using the golf course and the sprinklers were off so I ran on the cart path for another 2 miles. I really liked it. Nice rolling hills, no cars, no golfers and just a few landscaping types.

I finished back on the canal to get my 6 miles in at a 12:33 pace.

Not today. No crazy golfers chasing us runners in their souped up golf carts.

We are protected on the path that runs along the golf course. Thank you Tempe, AZ.

Like I said, no golfers today.

Running Schedule: Now Javamom likes to plan out to 2011. I like to plan out to next month. I was going to run the Montezuma's Castle 10k this weekend. It goes from Camp Verde, AZ to an Indian ruin called - Montezuma's Castle. It's missed named, because Montezuma never stayed there. I've decided I'm not doing it. Instead I am going to run in the 1st annual Casa Grande (The Big House, another Indian Ruin) Half Marathon on October 7th. It's kind of a test run for this marathon and only 45 people have signed up for it. They give medals for the top 3 in each 10 year age category. So, if you are a male in your 40's please do not run in this race. Hundreds, if not thousands of people beat me in my other three half marathons. Not this time.

Darn it. I just thought of J-wim and her adventures with having the 'hearse' follow her to pick up DNF runners. I may very well be the last runner. So, if you run 3 hour HM's please sign up for this great race. Not that J-wim runs 3 hour HM's, but I figure I need a cushion, so slower runners please sign up for this race.

Here's my prediction - I will finish in the top 100 runners. I will finish in the top 5 in my age category and I will attempt to medal by finishing in the top 3. My time? 2:39:59.


Pokey said...

You will do it, doubts! I could always sign up for it and seal the deal for you.... ;P You can always count on me, LOL!

Sounds like a great run at Kiwanis...glad you were spared a knock in the head from a golf ball.

J~mom said...

If I didn't know Javamom I would be like what kind of nut plans out to 2011. :>P

Okaaayyyy does this free you up Saturday am at 6? Whatcha say,you up for a niner?

Send me an email if you want in on our group run.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

No dodging golf balls? How are you supposed to get your crosstraining in that way?

Nice job with the run. The half sounds like a good race.

RunnerGirl said...

Great job on the run Pat!!!!

:) Think of me on one of these runs... I am out for the rest of the season. *POUT*

Irene said...

What a beautiful place to run! The proctected path way is cool!

Jeff said...

Nice run Pat. Let me check, I might be able to get out there to lead the hearse. I'm good for 3 hours.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

ooo montezuma's castle 10k, too cool. i love ruins.

and i like the protected pathway!

bigmike600 said...

That covered cart path rocks. If it were air conditioned somehow, I'd just keep running back and forth for hours on that.
You have been running so much lately, I would tend to wager that you will not be DFL. In fact I think you will surprise yourself. Especially when the adrenaline gets pumping at the start line.
You got skills Pat, no doubt about that.

Moon said...

That golf course path looks SWEET! Wish we had something that nice here. And oh, good luck with the half marathon! You will do GREAT :D

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh Pat, you crack me up. Love your blog. Loved your comment on Runner's Lounge about tapering for the first 45 years. HA HA

Wish I could be there for you. I guarantee you would beat me! :D My half will be in the 3's. No joke.

I am running a 10 mile race this weekend with a really fast field. The course isn't even guaranteed to stay open through the time I will likely need. I already know I am going to be dead last, but hey, I am running 10 miles !! Going to have fun with it.

You are going to do great. Good luck!!

Emil Von Asskick said...

I always dig the pics you take while running. I couldn't imagine carrying a camera for my runs and I'm usually only going 1.8 miles.

Bobby said...

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