Friday, September 21, 2007

Where Have You Gone Joe Dimaggio?

I'm still around. I usually post everday, but this week has been on the quiet side.

Tuesday: The weather was great. I ran 5.02 miles in the morning. In the daylight. For us here in Arizona, it's like spring. We can come out of the caves and enjoy nicer weather. Now, it may heat up again, since this is early for us. But, the past few days have been woderful weather wise.

Wednesday: 2 hours of japanese sword class. We practiced various moves and just started learning to use our feet to avoid an attack. This class is starting to get very interesting. I call it Kendo, but I don't think it is exactly. Either way Tyler and I are having a blast. If you call, getting wacked with a bamboo rod, a blast.

Thursday: I ran 4.07 miles in the morning. Great weather. My garmin was acting up. The pace was wrong, the distance was wrong. The time was right. I later googled my route to find a more accurate distance. Later that night, I played 2 hours of softball. It was the first time I pitched for the men's team. We won the first game 29-8. Everyone was hitting and anytime I can keep a men's team under 10 runs, I'm happy. It's softball. The second game we lost. Not sure of the score. Something like 11-6. I think. I did strike out two of their batters in this game. I take a little pride in K's.

Friday and the weekend: My plan is to play a coed softball game tonight and do an 8 mile run on the canal tomorrow. A possible 3 miler will be on tap for Sunday, depending on how I feel.

72 consecutive days of sweating!

Saturday's 8 Miler

Karen, Lisa, Angie and I will be doing our long slow 8 miler from Tumbleweed Park on Saturday. We plan to head over to the canal and head north. There's a gas station at around 3 miles and then again around 5 miles for us to stop and buy supplies, if needed. I hope I said Tumbleweed, near Germann and McQueen. Here's a google earth shot of what I think we'll be running.


Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

"Now, it may heat up again, since this is early for us."

Bite your tongue! Don't want any of that kind of talk.

Very cool that you got a whole gang of people together to run with Angie. I wish I would be there.

Have fun!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Cool route! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Ash will be okay waking up without his mom and just his grandparents (he hasn't spent the night there alone...yet). As long as he seems fine with it, I'll be there. Woo hoo!

J-Wim said...

Glad you can enjoy some cooler weather and get out in the daylight. Wouldn't want you to turninto a vampire!

Darrell said...

Nice streak you've got going there.

Don't know if you'll get this in time but if you do say Hi to Angie for me.