Saturday, October 06, 2007

17 hours to my 4th Half Marathon

In 17 hours I will be toeing the line at the 1st annual Casa Grande Half Marathon. It should be around 60 farenheit and sunny. This is part of the Western States Police and Firemen's Games. I'm in the civilian portion of the race. It's the first time the Western States has allowed civilians to run. Supposed to be for family members that want to run and for others that just like to run. Medals will be given out to the top three in each 10 year age group. The expect to have between 50-100 civilians run. It's a small race. Not sure how many police and fireman will be running.

I'm a bit nervous, since my legs have felt tired all week long. My long run was 9.5 miles and I felt great at the end of that (except for some chaffing on the legs). I spent some time getting my gear together and going over my checklist. I think I'm ready.

For anyone running this weekend. Good Luck. Races this week - The Chicago Marathon, Twin Cities Marathon, Portland Marathon and the San Jose Rock and Roll Half Marathon.


Firefly's Running said...

I just saw the current temp on your blog - 74 degrees. It's COOLER in AZ than here in Chicago. How strange!

Taryn said...

Have a fun race Pat... whenever I start worrying my legs are tired I just keep saying *strong legs, strong legs, strong legs*. Not sure if that helps, but it does for me! ;) Go you!!

Moon said...

Oh, I'm so excited FOR you for your race! You will do great! And I'm sure your legs have just been resting up... 4 half marathons is AWESOME :)

Randy said...

Pat you will do great...just go and enjoy yourself. Can't wait for a race report.

Jeff said...

Good luck, Pat. I'm sure you'll do great.

60 degrees is PERFECT! (Supposed to be 90 tomorrow in Baltimore!)

Congrats on your D-Backs win.

Dan Seifring said...

Hope you had a great race Pat. Can't wait to read the report.