Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some Days Your Legs Just Don't Want to Run

I dropped off my daughter for her 7:30 pm meeting at church. Grabbed my water bottle and garmin and headed out for a run in Dobson Ranch. There's a big lake, so I planned to run around it and then back north along Dobson Road, past West USA Realty (my employer) and back to church. Before I reached a mile and a half my legs felt tired. Not hurt, but tired. The last two days I've rested, so I should have been strong tonight. The temps were a bit higher than they had been the last few weeks. I just kept switching back and forth from running to walking to running real slow. I thought I would finish and see that I ran only 60-70% of the time. I was happy to see I was up around 78%.
I got back to our church with 4 miles done. My daughter was still in her meeting. She got elected to be the secretary of the youth group. By this time I was feeling better and I wanted to get that last mile in. So, I ran a loop around the parking lot. It was .15 miles, or 7 laps per mile. I did a couple laps and then decided that I should run diagonally with the stripes for parking. check out the photo. I got my fifth mile in, the fastest mile of the five.
My mileage will be low this week, I'm tapering for the half marathon this Sunday. Tomorrow night I'm going to see our Diamondbacks beat up on those hated Chicago Cubs. Here's my picks for the postseason:
Dbacks over the Cubs
Phillies over the Rockies
Dbacks over the Phillies
Yankees over the Indians
Angels over the Red Sox
Yankees over the Angels
Dbacks over the Yanks.
Who are you picking?


Jeff said...

I wonder what a guy sitting in a helicopter over one of your crazy runs would think seeing you go back and forth around the parking lot! Guess it's more entertaining seeing all the lines on the pavement.

So you're looking for a repeat WS, huh. I'm hoping that they Yanks run is over -- now. Go Angels. I'm picking the Beaneaters to win it all.

Vanilla said...

I'm a Red Sox fan living in Colorado, so nothing would make me happier than a Sox/Rockies WS as I would be able to go to some of the games.

Having said that my picks are:
DBacks over Cubs
Rockies over Phillies
Yankees over Indians
Red Sox over Angels

DBacks over Rockies
Red Sox over Yankees

Red Sox over DBacks - what can I say, I'm a homer.

Randy said...

Go Rockies!!!!

Hey Pat, what software are you using to develop your data and print here? I like the representation that you get from it.

Good luck on your HM this Sunday!!!

J~mom said...

I love the lines. I have to do that on a run soon!! I will try to make a smilie face or something.

K80K said...

The lines are definitely awesome. I tried tracing them on your parking garage run, but I lost track, so I am not even going to try.

When the Orioles have a crappy season I tend to not to keep track of MLB. So needless to say it has been some years so I have been in focused Baseball. o_O

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...
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Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

It's funny how your legs will be dead after a couple of days of no running. That's why you don't want to take the two days before a race completely off.

Picks (and I'm a complete D-Backs homer, decked out in their gear at work today.

D-Backs over Cubs 3-0
Phills over Rockies 3-1
Indians over Yankees 3-2
Red Sox over Angels 3-1

D-Backs over Phills 4-3
Indians over Red Sox 4-2

Indians over D-Backs 4-3

Sorry, but the AL is so much stronger than the NL right now, but the D-Backs might have a puncher's chance.

bigmike600 said...

Cubs all the way. You read it here first so when it happens, I want major props.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice pattern!! That cracked me up. Now that is some will power to run that route.

GO CUBS (sorry, Pat) !!

J-Wim said...

That is the busiest mile I have ever seen....

Moon said...

congrats on getting it done, even with tired legs! It probably builds mental fortitude and strength or something, too :)

Ted said...

The parking lot really cracked me up! Way to GO!!! I should try that myself.
Go Indians!!!!