Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Note to self – Ramdom thoughts

Big News, Read All About It!

After 82 straight days of running my streak has come to an end. It was intentional. I accomplished what I intended to do; that is to form a habit of sweating consistently. Having fun and doing so by moving my body. I ran, played softball, did kendo, some weights, pool work and some stationary bike training. I might do this again next summer. It seems like a good thing to do to keep me moving during the hotter days here in Arizona.

The Biggest Loser is Tonight

This is week four of the biggest loser. Hope your team is doing well. If you are not in our league, I hope your favorite (Phil) player is doing well. After tonight all teams in our BLFL will get to add another player. So, most teams will have four players and a few will only have three. I'll have to tape the show. I am going to drop my daughter off at church for a youth meeting and plan to run the trails in Dobson Ranch.

So who do you think will be the next one to fall off the wall? I think it will be someone from the Blue team – Nicole or Patti. Or maybe Ryan.

The photos are from downtown Mesa, AZ. They always have some neat artwork on a rotating basis. Photography is mine. I try to always use my own photography.


Randy said...

That was quite the run (punny) 82 straight days...wow...you are made of steel it would seem.

Irene said...

82 days? And your knees didn't fall off or anything?

Looking forward to BL tonight!

RunnerGirl said...

Pat, you are my idol for consecutive moving days. YOU. ROCK.

Dan Seifring said...

Since I am on the east coast I will just say good guess on who would be voted off this week.

Pokey said...

Ooooooooooooo Dan......not fair, LOL! ;)

I cant even remember to record the Biggest Loser....so I am flying blind here.

Nice job on your exercise streak Pat. I'm sure your body is thanking you for the rest today though!

Yes, please let me know about the carpool situation. I wont be home until the night of the 13th, so let me know when/where to meet you. I think I have your cell, but give me that too, just in case!

And GOOD LUCK on the Casa Grande Half this weekend! Cant wait to hear about how well you do! :)

Database Diva said...

I think you've earned a day of rest. I hope you enjoyed it!

Jeff said...

Good call on the rest day Pat -- sometimes these things get a life of their own and you really hurt yourself in the end. (Some might say Ripken! Not me, of course.)

J~mom said...

WOOHOO!!! Great job on that streak!

I was wondering where that art was from...I guessed downtown Tempe.

Taryn said...

Wow, 82 days - that is definitely an accomplishment!!

(& thank you for the house buying tips! I appreciated it!).