Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Biggest Loser Week Six

139 Bob's Waddlers - Kae, Phil, Neil,Isabeau
135Jeff's Former Fatties - Neil, Jez, Amy,Isabeau
133Dan's Eliminating the Excess - Phil, Amy, Ryan,Hollie
128 Chubikins (Runnergirl) - James,Ryan,Amy,Kae
125 Pat's Pounders - Amy, Phil, Bill,Isabeau
120 Tiggers Hate Honey - David, Jez, Isabeau,Nicole
117 Katie's FIRMin8ors - Ryan, Phil, Patty,Julie
114 Marcy's Meatrolls - Kae, Jerry, Neil,Hollie
114 Hunter's Hopeful's (Margie) - Bryan, Ryan, Amy, Hollie
94 Wim-sical - Isabeau, Bill, Leylye,Jim
93 Ken's Weight and See - Bryan, Phil, Lezlye,Isabeau
78 Pokey's Potbellies - Nicole, David, Amy

Bob keeps the lead and Jeff passes up Dan. But, Phil the player got eliminated and that's going to hurt many of us. I can't believe Bryan voted for Phil. This is where Phil and Amy needed to team up and eliminate Bryan. Oh well. Hope everyone enjoyed the show. Like they say, 'it's a game'.


Jeff said...

Is Kae kicking butt or what? I keep thinking she's gonna put up a 1 or 2 and she keep's losing big.

I was bummed to see Phil go -- definitely one of the favorites on the show (even though it helps my fantasy score!) I was sure I was going to lose Amy.

The red team is screwed. First, Kim tries to control the vote by outing Amy. Bad play. I don't think it's her job. She was right, though, to tell them not to put it in another team's hands. At that point, Phil was the obvious choice to go.

Then, the team screws themselves by not getting united against anyone. The post vote gathering should be pretty interesting next week.

K80K said...

I can't believe Phil is gone. I totally thought he was going to be the Biggest Loser. Forget the poor red team Jeff, I'm down 2 people now. Ack!

I think Bryan was trying to save himself by voting out Phil. He knew he was a threat and he knew he would tie it up and that the Blue team would then vote Phil off. The power was completely in his hands.

I wonder how much longer it will be before they dissolve the teams.

Dan Seifring said...

Phil going is going to hurt my team big time. Amy is just not getting it done for me. I picked her becasue I saw a before picture of her and she was trim and slim so I figured she could get back to that quickly. Now I am just not so sure.

Pokey said...

Okay, I suck. I havent even watched one episode...wonder why my team is losing so bad?

I think Jeff should pick my new team member for me! ;)

Marcy said...

Dang it!! I'm sinking FAST!

J-Wim said...

My folks are dropping like flies. What would y'all like me to send ya from Wisco?

J~mom said...

Pat, on the rnr blog can you link our bios on the side? Or can I? I want to keep track of them as we keep posting.

RunnerGirl said...

I was so bummed to see Phil go. Darn the red team for making the blue team pick. There is going to be heck raised next show for sure!

And did you see? I think that they are mixing up the teams next week.

Jeff said...

Sorry, Pokey, I can't in good conscience pick for you. I would either be shooting myself in the foot by telling you pick a big loser or not be able to sleep by suggesting someone like Phil.