Sunday, October 28, 2007

SOMA and other rambling

The reward for the rough half marathon yesterday was a new low on the scales today. 1.5 pounds lower. I was actually down to 218.5 right after the race, but I knew that wouldn't last. Hopefully, I won't creep up anymore. And I made it over 1000 miles lifetime at the end of this run. So, I can remember my 1000 mile as being a brutal uphill climb into South Mountain park.

My legs feel great today. I feel like I could run today, but I choose not to do the 5k at Kiwanis Park. I might do an easy 3 miler tonight.
Right before my eyes opened this morning I was in line at Starbucks. The line was long and since I flunked SSL (Starbucks as a second language), I was getting laughed at by everyone in line as I was trying to explain to the girl behind the counter what I wanted. Then I awoke. I think Javamom was one of those in line laughing at me, but I'm not sure.

Last nite I didn't set the alarm. I figured I would decide if I wanted to go to SOMA when I got up
I had breakfast and read some blogs. Dan mentioned SOMA and another blogger running the quarter. Dan got me excited about SOMA, so I grabbed my camera and hit the door.

My camera worked for one photo before the batteries died. With no new batteries I used my camera phone for all the rest. It was crazy. The bike route went left and right and over the bridge and back again. I did notice that fans (including some athletes that were done) don't watch for runners when the cross the course. I thought about taking pictures of near collisions, the volunteer near the finish said he saw at least 5 close calls and he was helping to stop the traffic across the course. I kept one athlete with a bike from running into a runner 50 yards from the finish.

The transition area was huge. Some athletes were hurrying and some were taking there time.

These runners are about 300 yards from the finish. Check out the bikes on the bridge above.

Looks like my son's room. Maybe he could be a triathlete.

If you haven't been to Tempe, AZ lately you wouldn't recognize it. High rises are growing all over town. This weekend was big in Tempe. Not only was there all the athletes and fans for the tri, but the Sun Devils beat California last night in front of 70,000 fans.

The volunteers were great. The one in front of the semi helped the trucker get thru by moving signs and only one athlete was slowed on the bike course. Down this road on the other side of the butte is the finish for the Arizona Rock and Roll Marathons.

The finish of the bike course had a 90 degree turn into the parking lot. In a 15 minute window I saw 2 cyclists almost wipe out.

I got home and got to see this fly by over my house. You might see the three planes if you click on the photo.


J~mom said...

Great SOMA report Pat. Sounds pretty crazy down there!!!

Fiesta Bowl half, huh? Hmm..I might consider that.

Karen and I had a great run today but missed our Guy!

I would never laugh at you in Starbucks. I might yell at you to get out of the way though. :>P

Dan Seifring said...

Glad I could help get you out to SOMA. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

J-Wim said...

SOMA ..... cool.
Congrats on reaching so many milestones all in one day!