Friday, October 26, 2007

Taper Time

Since I have to run 14 miles this weekend and many of my running buddies can't make it, I decided to enter a half marathon. The 39th Annual YMCA half is at South Mountain Park running alond the canal on Saturday. So, I'm tapering yestereday and today.

I have a softball tournament game tonight at 6:30, so that's cross training, right? Then the half tomorrow morning. Amy and I will be going to the SOMA Triathlon Expo on Saturday and then I will get up early to go watch the athletes swim, bike and run to glory. I'll miss the Ghost and Goblins 5k, but I'll make our friend, Jennifer's annual Holloween Picnic at Desert Breeze Park. I'm the grill guy for the big occassion.

Yesterday I shopped at Sole Sports, a running store and met Katie Ellis. She works there, just graduated from Arizona State University and just won the Best of the US Triathlon down in Florida. Only one man and one woman from each state competed. I asked for an interview and you can read it at our Rock and Roll Marathon blog.