Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Biggest Loser Week Four

The Twins Bill and Jim lost 24 pounds total. Neil gave us 11 pounds and the Red Team could only muster 9 pounds combined. Speaking of which, does anyone want Amy? I'll trade her for anyone.

Did you see the Subway commercial? The Blue Team went to eat their and they showed the menu and talked about how great it was during the show. Did Subway pay for that? I hope so.

This week everyone gets to pick another player. Pick someone that will lose a lot of weight, but will also be around to the end. As the weeks go by, we are all going to start losing players. If you go below 2 teammates, you can pick someone up off the free agent list. That means the player must not be on another team. Julie and Hollie are the only remaining free agents.

But, this week you can pick anyone. I'm picking Jim.
Edit: you cannot have more than two men or two women. I goofed and changed from Jim to Isabeau.
total pounds lost for each contestant:
Bill 49
Jim 47
Neil 46
Phil 45
Jez 37
Kae 34

Ryan 33
David 31
Bryan 27

Isabeau 26
Nicole 21
Amy 19

Hollie 19
Julie 15


Dan Seifring said...

Is it me or is this season lame? Come on 4 players could not combine to lose 10 pounds on a ranch where all they have to do is eat right and exercise.

I am sure I must have slipped out of first after last night.

K80K said...

I need to add a lady to my team. I think I will go with Julie. She seems to be getting more consistent with her weight loss and I need a rep from the black team since I still have someone from blue and someone from red. :)

TNTcoach Ken said...

I'm with Dan, I can't remember teams being this pathetic! I’ll pick when I consult my weegee board.

Pat said...

Opps. I messed up. I can't pick Jim, because I already have two guys. I'll pick Isabeau. She's the hottest one anyway.

Emil Von Asskick said...

Guaranteed Subway paid, if they didn't Arby's would have. Anymore this happens in most shows. It can be especially obvious when watching reality programing though. A show will have one of two things 1. People wearing clothes with the logos blurred or tape over them or 2. Everyone will be wearing clothes with GAP or OLD NAVY emblazoned all over them. This also happens with beverages too. They make sure to show the AQUAFINA logo on the water bottle in the background, but the other bottles on the table have little blurs over their logos cause their maker didn't pay or pepsi paid double to not show the others.

Irene said...

I love this show, BUT... One major thing that they fail to ever discuss or bring up is that these people are building muscle as well. A lot of the time the scale will not tell the whole story because muscle weighs more than fat, however, muscle takes up less space than fat. I kind of feel they should also include how many inches lost per week, THEN you'd really see the results.

Jeff said...

Agree with Dan, this season is lame. Not a whole lot of personalities.

I'll take Isabeau.

J-Wim said...

OK I pick Jim.
Didn't they in one of the seasons past do the end measuring body fat percentage lost as the determining factor in the final weigh in ot final four or somrthing like that?? That would be kind of hard to do on TV in realtime every week though...

The One and Only Tigger said...

Put Nicole down on my list of players..

Margie Hunter said...

I'll take Hollie

Margie said...

Which Amy are you trying to get rid of?

RunnerGirl said...

I will add Kae to my list. Sorry so laate.. I wanted to get it in before the show started!!!!!