Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rest Day

I ran last night around 7 pm. I thought I would get up this morning and find that my legs were dead. But, not the case. I felt pretty good. I wanted to rest today so that I could maybe do my long run tomorrow in Casa Grande. I need to get a 12 miler in.

So, I rested by doing a quick two miler this morning. 22 minutes and 28 seconds later I was done for the day.

Tomorrow, if my legs feel fine I will head on down to Casa Grande and get 12 in. I, also, plan to check out the city. Afterall, I'm a Realtor and this city is only about 30 minutes away. I've never been to it.

The Biggest Loser and my on Battle of the Bulge.

tonight is the biggest loser. Everyone has their teams in place in the fantasy league. Except Pokey. You still get to pick a guy. Good luck to everyone, especially Phil, Amy, Bill and Isabeau.

My weight today is 223.5. I am down 6 pounds from last Tuesday. Of course those was the easy ones. Margie, my sister and competition in our own weight loss battle is down about 4 pounds. It's gonna go down to the wire.

Blog Action Day: The Environment
Amy and I bought 8 sturdy bags that she takes to the grocery store each time she shops. One, they are much easier to carry. Two, they keep us from using those plastice bags that are usually thrown away into landfills. Did you know that plastic can last up to 300 years in a landfill. Next time you run, look on the ground and see how many plastic items are littering our streets.


Irene said...

Hi Pat!!!

Glad to see you're taking a day of rest! I was kind of thinking you were like the Energizer Bunny or something! Enjoy your long run!

Dan Seifring said...

Best of luck on the long run tomorrow. Great job doing your part with the grocery bags.

Jeff said...

Don't want to give away the ending since TBL is just starting out west, but all I can say is "Shocking! Utterly Shocking!"

(Please don't read on if you haven't seen the show yet.)

I'm looking forward to securing first place next week!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

WOO HOO, great poundage progress.

J~mom said...

How did the long run go? Did you like Casa Grande? It's really building up down there!

I am out of Thin Mints...you have any to spare? No matter how many boxes I buy they only stick around a few weeks!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Ha, I see your sister is giving you a 'run' for your money.