Monday, December 08, 2008

A Marathon Contest

15 Marathon Events in January

How many can you name? I use the Runner's World January 2009 magazine, that I just got in the mail.

Viv, down in Texas asked for some motivation. So here's some Arizona style.

A Race within a race contest, right here on Pat's Blog. If you are running in a marathon or half marathon in the month of January you can take part in our race. This way Houston Marathoner's can compete with Disney Marathoner's. There'll be two categories. One for 26.2 miles and one for 13.1. I'm doing the PF Chang's Rock and Roll Half Marathon right here in Phoenix on January 18th.

Here's the Rules:

  1. Enter before january 1 by emailing or commenting on my blog.

  2. Specifiy which race you are doing, when and what distance.

  3. Train Hard

  4. At the Expo, buy something under $5. If you get something for free at the expo, make sure it's really cool.

  5. After the race I will link your race report and let everyone know what you bought.

  6. Chip times at the race website will count as your official time. Therefore, I will need your real name for this contest.

  7. The fastest runner will get to pick first from our collection of goodies. Everyone wins something.

  8. You will be responsible for mailing your gift to the person who selected it.

  9. Marathoners pick from the marathon stash. Half marathoners pick from the HM stash.

  10. These rules can change. Like if someone buys an IPOD, then I'll change the rules, so that I'm the winner of said item.

My broker (real estate) like to motivate us. Usually, I say 'whatever' and hit delete. I thought this was cute and very helpful.

How can you run across the London Bridge, but never leave the country?

By running the Havasu Half. Way back when, the founder of a chain saw company bought the London Bridge. Took it apart and reassembled it in Lake Havasu, AZ. It was rebuilt on dry land. They then dug a channel for the Colorado River under the bridge, making an island and a tourist trap.

Anyway, that's one of the races I want to do for 2009.

It's the Ceiling of The Lone Butte Casino.

The picture from yesterdays post is some artwork on the ceiling of our newest casino. I went over to take some pictures. The casino took $4 from me. It was the biggest gambling loss of the year for me.

Deck the Halls'

No time to run today, as we celebrated the season by putting up the Christmas tree and decorating the house. Hope all of you are enjoying this joyous time of year.


Viv said...

Wow, supah cool Pat! OK gotta run to court for a speeding ticket I will come back and u email u my goods, umm scratch that my stats, umm not good wither ok the date and stuff of my race...

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

When is the Havasu Half? I might have to consider doing that one.

Jeff said...

Wow, would love to get in on this -- just need to find a half or full without a thousand bucks of travel with it!

The Running Knitter said...

I'm in! I'll email you all my stats too. I was wondering what that pic we have to get to the Lone Butte Casino. :)

Irene said...

Cool idea. I wish I could participate but I'm not sure if I'll be recouped enough to be marathon ready next year, although I'm hopeful.

Have a wonderful day!

wmd said...

This is an awesome idea for a contest! I wish I was running a half in Jan but to no avail... I will be following the results if you post them though.

I thought that pic might be some sort of ceiling... I can totally see now how it is in a casino (I have spent a lot of time in them.)

Nick Markosian said...

This is discrimination! What about lame o's like me who aren't ready for a half yet, let alone a full. :)

No, sounds like fun, next year I am in!

Database Diva said...

Pat, I think this might be the coolest idea you've come up with yet!. It makes me want to run a half marathon next month. My foot has other ideas. I'm going back to the podiatrist on 12/23. We'll let him decide. If he says no, I do hope you'll have a similar contest in the future, because it sounds like too much fun!

Nat said...

What if there is no Expo? I'm doing a smallish half and there is just kit pick up...

Also can I give you the first place finishers name? LOL.

RooBabs said...

Hi Pat,

I found out about your challenge from Viv. I'm doing the Painters Half Marathon in St. George UT on Jan 17. Count me in. I don't think there's an expo, but I'll come up with something.

You can email me for the rest of the info:

banana13xo at yahoo dot com

Sounds like fun!

P.S. That frog video was just the kick in the pants that I need. I've had the same frog on my plate for a month now, and it's totally draining my energy. Today I'm going to tackle it (probably not finish, but at least make a dent). = )