Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Negative Splits

Today I had six miles scheduled. I looked at Google Earth to see where I could run. The canals? No, I didn't feel like a canal run. Desert Breeze Lake? No, I wanted something different. South Mountain's trails. No, too far away.

I ended up running around my block. A one mile course that I did 6 times. Past my neighbor cleaning the street gutter six times. Past the kids playing hockey six times (rollerblades, no ice), past the park six times.

But, I got into sort of a rthym and I ran the second half faster than the first. And I ran the last 3 miles progressively faster. The last mile at a 9:56 pace. None higher than 10:29. Since I ran past my house six times, I left my water bottle on the hood of my SUV and stopped there after miles 2,3 and 5. Other than that I pretty much ran straight through.

It was about 4 pm and 60 degrees with clear skies. Great running weather. I ran the first 3 miles with a sweatshirt. The last 3 in a singlet. I do appreciate the Arizona weather and wish I could send some your way.

So, the question of the day is - Do you like running one long run or to run laps around a shorter distance and see the same things over and over? And does it effect your running effort?

Weird Fact: I haven't needed any Bodyglide in over a month. I used to use it for chafing on my legs. I ran the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon without any. I'm hoping this trend will continue.

Camera Question: A few of you asked how I take my pictures. I have a kodak camera I use for before and after run/races pictures I keep in my car. During the race I carry my Verizon Palm Treo that has a camera. It's great for a quick shot, but lately I've hated stopping for photo ops.

I saw an awesome picture of an eye. I tried to duplicate it with mine, but my camera just isn't good enough.


Nat said...

Weird about the body glide.

If I gave it up, and the friction would cause me to spontaneously combust.

Darrell said...

For something different the 1 mile loop might be fun. Most of my runs are larger loops or simple out and backs. I like the O&B the best, because once you reach the half way point there's nothing to do buck get back to the start.

J~Mom said...

Nice run today Pat!

I cannot stand loops. There is something mentally refreshing about heading home after the half way point that gets me there.

Irene said...

Nice Run!

Someone needs to invent some sort of a hat-cam just for runners. If you're trying to PR it's hard to stop just for pictures. A hat-cam would solve a lot of problems.

Merry Christmas!

Adam said...

Nice work on the run! I find that I am always run a bit faster when I am close to home too.

Adam said...

Nice work on the run! I find that I am always run a bit faster when I am close to home too.

CJ Miller said...

One thing I have learned about myself with this running thing is that I cannot stand to do laps! In fact, if I see my house, something inside me just quits. I have to do an out and back, but even better is having LovingMan drop me off and just running straight home. Last year he took me almost all the way to Florence so I could get a 22 mile one way run in! It was a little crazy - but it was one of the best long runs I had - no repetition! Good for you for being able to pass your house 5 times without quitting! You are a stronger man than I!!! (maybe because I am female!!!)

Merry Christmas! Will you run on Christmas day???!

The Running Knitter said...

Great job on your run. I prefer doing an out and back run - loops tend to make me a little crazy. Merry Christmas!