Friday, December 05, 2008

The Secret

Have you read the book or seen the movie? The Secret? It's about "The Law of Attraction". Yesterday I read the first couple chapters while I was waiting for a client. It over simplifies the ability that if you think positive and make wanting something a priority then you will attract it. Think of a million bucks and it's yours. Think that you'd love for the nuisance at work to be gone and she gets transferred. Think that you'd like to qualify for Boston and you got it.

So, I immediately thought that I'd love to run without that pain in my heel.

My client showed up and I went to work. Later in the day, I got my issue of Runner's World Magazine. I read it and found on page 115 an ad for Triggerpoint, a seller of self messaging tools.

It shows an arrow with 'symptom' pointing at a runner's heel. Then it shows an arrow with 'problem' and it's pointing at the runner's lower leg. Aha. I attracted this ad into my life. I checked out the website and immediately got my 'Stick' and started working on my lower leg. And my foot feels better.

Now, I do believe in thinking positive and that you can attract what you want into your life if you work towards a goal. I just think it's more complicated than what the authors indicate in the first few chapters. Maybe I'll read further into the book.

Friday's Run & workout:
I got in 2.5 miles on the treadmill with little discomfort in the heel. I then lifted weights, upper body for about 45 minutes at the Tumbleweed Rec Center. Not sure if I trust the treadmill mileage. I was going at a 12 minute pace, but it felt faster. Isn't it just recording the mileage of the belt and if I were to stand on the side rails it would still be recording mileage? Overall, it was a good workout and maybe I've turned the corner with my foot.
Now I can start applying the 'Law of Attraction' to getting a million bucks!


The Running Knitter said...

Thanks for pointing out that triggerpoint site. I'm going to try that out for my leg!

Viv said...

I did read "The Secret" I am trying to apply the law but still failing. maybe it's cause I think I am failing..allright I will debate in my mind instead of your comments section.

Maybe the foot might me partially mental, but really listen to the body Pat.

J~Mom said...

That is an interesting thought, if your calf is too tight it could be pulling on something in your Achilles and thus heal?

Irene said...

The funny thing about The Secret is that it really isn't a secret. There really is something to the power of positive thought.

My chiropractor is into trigger points. It's really a neat thing!

Have a great weekend.

Marcy said...

Aaaahhhhh gotta love those TPs! I'll have to check out that site. I always just use a tennis ball and foam roller LOL

Jeff said...

Dude, I've been thinking about that million bucks for 20 years. It's not working!