Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Attacked during my run

I was running minding my own business when I saw the largest rabbit ever. I had to snap a photo of me holding it's ear.

It wasn't moving so I got a better picture.
But, that's not what attacked me. Further down the road on my 7 mile run I was dived at three times by this Bi-plane.

It was yellow and red and might have had the Arizona flag on it's wings. I sometimes run past Stellar Airpark, a small airstrip with homes on the runway. Garages act as hangars. It's a cool community. This plane was practicing approaches and I'm slow enough that he flew over me three times circling to the runway.

I, also ran in Gila (Hila) Springs named after the Gila Monster. I got to see lots of birds, but no monster.

I even got to chase some of them. Maybe I was the monster.

I ran down this canal. Not all the canals are pretty.

And past this mansion on the not so pretty canal. Now, you know I'm a REALTOR, so if you are in the market, I'd love to sell you this home.
See the Virtual Tour.

Well, it's Christmas Eve, so it's time to have dinner and then go to church. Here's hoping everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Krazy Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year!


Nat said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
But you have to explain about the big rabbit.

Darrell said...

I think I could live there, except for the really long commute, and the fact that the initials on the gates would have to be changed. I can't imagine how much that would cost.

The Running Knitter said...

Happy holidays to you and your family.

Where is that house located? I think I'd get lost just moving around in the kitchen!

Cheryl said...

Looks like a giant chocolate Easter Bunny!

J~Mom said...

Thanks for listing my house for me Pat. I do hope it sells quickly so that I can get something even bigger. ;>)

Back in my teaching days I used to tell my students that I lived there. Some of them fell for it. :>P

J~Mom said...

PS If that is the one I am thinking of..might not be now that I look again. There are quite a few big mansions like that by you...

Katie said...

I'm adding that house to my wishlist :-)