Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The Gym and The foot.

After my PR run on Thanksgiving morning I didn't run again until last night. 3 and a half days off. I could still feel pain in my left heel. Not the whole heel. I can push my finger on one spot and feel the pain. It feels like it's in the meat, not the bone.

So, off I went to the Tumbleweed Rec Center. I immediately tested it on the treadmill. Did a mile in just over 10 minutes. It hurt some. Not enough to were I had to stop, but enough that I wondered if I was keeping it from getting better. It's been 16 days since I've run outside, not counting the two races I ran in and it's only gotten moderately better.

I continued to do my "Run for Life" weight routine. First Upper body, then the lower body. I pushed myself a little bit harder this time and was happy with the workout.

Then, back to the treadmill for another mile, I thought. I could feel my heel alot more this time and I stopped within the first minute. Here's hoping I see some improvement on the heel this week.

Has anyone had any issues like this? Is it tondenitis? Is it a stress fracture?

Book #4

"Dreams from My Father" by President Elect Barack Obama is an amazing autobiography of Obama's earlier years. Not his political years, but up to his time entering law school and his wedding. It doesn't matter if you are a democrat, independent or republican, this book makes you feel like you know Obama as a friend would. I highly recommend it for any american. For anyone in the world, for that matter.

My son, Tyler bought it for me as a birthday present and bought the large print edition. It was actually easier to read for this old man and so I might buy other books in large print.
Obama did have one quote that is useful to a long distance runner. A lesson learned from his step father, Lolo in Indonesia. It wasn't said then about running, just about enduring. He said, "The trick is not caring that it hurts." *
*I should note that Obama wasn't talking about not caring about an injury that could become worse and limit one's physical ability. This was in reference to enduring pain so that you can accomplish greater things. I'm sure our President Elect would want me to take care of my heel. Or am I just being a wimp?


Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Boy, you have me stumped with this one. From your description and the location of the injury, it could be anything from plantiar facia tears to a fracture to a bone bruise. I would say if you stretch it and ice it for another week and it doesn't go away, you should probably have a doctor take a look at it.

Greg said...

You know, I have a mystery pain like that myself, I've had it for quite a while. In fact, that's why I replaced my first pair of shoes (which didn't help the problem). With me it's in my right leg, about 3 inches above my ankle on the inside, right next to the bone. It doesn't hurt unless I put pressure on it (not from walking or running but press on it, or have one of my kids climb on it as they tend to do). I even had it x-rayed, and there was nothing there. I'm happy it's not the bone, but it worries me on occasion.

Keep us up to date about your heel.

Viv said...

I have to look into the book. I have about three in the back burner for vacation in spring and that would be a great one to add.

i have never had pain there I usually do ball of the foot from cycling shoes. Pat, i don't think you are being a whimp, and who know if every run is making it worst. My ortho told me once you need to take 6 wks no running everytime you try to sneak in a run before that time you risk the reinjjury and enlongating the process. After I served my time it was like a new tibia bone. Maybe it is time to pay a visit to the ortho?
Kepp us posted.

J~Mom said...

Anytime I have random pains like that they are overuse injuries and heal themselves in 1-2 weeks. I agree with Viv that it might be time to visit the doctor. You are going on 3 or 4 weeks now aren't you?

CJ Miller said...

Hey Pat -

My husband started this year with a "heel pain" that had him hobbling even just walking. After a couple months of hobbling, he finally caved in and went to a Podiatrist who X-rayed him and declared it Plantar Facsiaitis. He prescribed orthotics which my husband said no way to. I got him to finally go to a running store and have himself fit for good pair of shoes - (he has never cared what he ran in). Long story short - they put him in a shoe +1 size, diagnosed Plantar Fasciaitis, sold him a heel stabilizer shoe insert for both heels.

It has worked wonders for him - he was actually out running on it without pain in 2 or 3 days after wearing the insert around town. He is very happy that he finally listened to me!

You might want to look into those inserts - they are cheap enough ($20 compared to $300 for custom orthotics).

I also use a really good Chiropractor in AJ who has an olympic VolleyBall son. He is pretty up on sports stuff and he has helped me significantly. Let me know if you want his name!

Best of luck in healing fast!!!! CJ

Darrell said...

Your heal sounds like Plantar faciitis or Achilles tendonitis. rest and ice are the best bets.

Database Diva said...

Is the spot on your heel under your foot? Does it feel almost like a bruise? That is what plantar fasciitis feels like. Does it hurt when you first step on it in the morning? If so, that is your fascia tearing. I've spent almost a year dealing with it.

If the pain is at the back or side of your heel, that is probably peroneal tendinitis. I've got that, too. I've been meaning to write up everything I've learned along the way on my blog. Maybe later this week.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Pat, sounds like you have your diagnoses from everyone else. Start your treatment and the bill will be in the mail. Get well.

lifestudent said...

I was thinking the same thing as all the PP - Plantar faciitis :)

Nat said...

Feet are wondrous and mystical things and I have no clue why it hurts. So of like why it my knee hurts today after not running since Saturday. Ack.

Obama cares about your foot, but he wants a strong America so he wants you to take time off... LOL.