Sunday, December 28, 2008


Yeah, I did the mile.

My legs felt tired.
My hip felt sore.
I was breathing heavy from the get go.

I didn't want to risk injury, so I just did an easy mile at a 10:19 pace. I thought about pushing it and running about a 9 minute mile, but I came to my senses and just did the mileage.

As I was leaving the house, I said to Amy that I was going to run a mile. Here's our convo:

Pat: Hey, I'm going to go run a mile and then get rid of that bush in the front yard.
Amy: Just a mile?
Pat(impressed that my dear wife thinks that a mile is 'only a mile'): Yeah, I need it to get to 30 miles for the week.
Amy: That won't take you long?
Pat (impressed that she thinks it won't take long): How long do you think it'll take me?
Amy: 15 minutes.
Pat (crushed): You walk a mile in 20, don't you think I can run one faster than 15 minutes?
Amy: Ten?
Pat: I'm shootin' for 9.

I'm not telling her it took me 10:19.

Book # 7: Wisdom of Our Fathers by Tim Russert. It's a book you can read and put down. A collection of letters about fathers. Fittingly, it was given to me by a super dad - my father.


J~Mom said...

HA HA HA!! I love the convo with Amy! I have come home from running something awesome and I will tell Aaron and his response is, "Is that good?" Glad you got to 30!! I am amused that 10:19 is an "easy" mile. I won't kick you in the shin for that one. ;>)

Katie said...

I can totally appreciate that conversation! :-)

CJ Miller said...

I am glad you went and did the mile! 30 is a nice clean number and you know how runners like nice clean, round numbers!!! So... how did the bush removal go???!!! You never did say!

I have been a mess lately. Haven't run since Christmas Eve. Have been tormented by a weird headache for days. Today I decided I was having an allergic reaction to laying around. So got up and went for a 4 and found the headache disappeared and... miraculously, no right knee pain! So tomorrow I try a 5! Maybe the headache-couch sitting was what I needed to heal my knee. I am hoping!

How's the weather at home? Good running weather? It's delightful down here in mex - 64 and sunny!

wmd said...

I know how it is... I am ending 2008 with 114.9 miles... I was thinking of going out and running a tenth of a mile just to round it off, but I really want to rest my leg.

Your convresation sounds like something that would be exchanged between my wife and I.

Alissa said...

Congrats on the weekly milage PR! I like round numbers too. I always circle around the neighborhood at the end of my runs trying to get to the next mile so I can add a nice round number to my running log.

Viv said...

super solid 30 week... LOL at the convo!!

Jeff said...

Great mileage, Pat!