Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Run for Brownies

A run in two parts. I went over to Desert Breeze Lake to get in a nice 4 miler. I guess I didn't have enough gas in my tank because I just felt really tired all the sudden. Can you guess from the graph below, where that happened.
I made it back to my car. Drove home. Ate a home made brownie with chocolate sauce on top and then went out and finished the 4 miler in my neighborhood. I ran at a 10:50 pace and got below 9 mpm at the end. Felt great and my foot feels fine too. Hopefully, I'm turning the corner and can still run next Sunday in the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon.

If you look to the right (on the computer screen, not the room you are in), you'll see my race schedule for 2009. I do plan on adding more races too it, but as of today that's my plan. --------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>

Can you guess what this picture is about?


Viv said...

Way to get back out there and finish that run. Glad it went well. Like the list for 09' but the pic has me comfused?!

SuperDave said...

Quite a race schedule!
You got me, what is it?

Irene said...

Looks like mixed media (but mostly metal) ceiling light fixtures/sculpture to me!

You've inspired me to take a look at the 2009 5k schedules for my area.

Have a great week.

Adam said...

Nice work on getting out there and finishing the run. When running I often like to say that I'm running for glasses of wine. Each mile is a glass!

Yeah, I've got nothing on the picture. :)

J~Mom said...

I am going to say the picture is soil layers?

Your race schedule looks great. Do you know what time the 5k on the first is?

Greg said...

Not sure what the picture is, Pat, but I gotta say, I'm sure you just can't help but do Pat's Run. After all, they named it after you, so running it is the least you could do.

Marathoner in Training said...

Looks like a great race schedule, we might even see eachother at a couple of them.

Jeff said...

Wow, Pat, you're gonna be putting in some serious mileage in 2009.

Two fulls, too? Very nice.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

I hope to see you on Sunday.

I noticed that Tucson Marathon at the end of the schedule. That was my first marathon. It's very well supported, but it's a tough course on the legs from all the downhill pounding.

CJ Miller said...

The picture... is it a fractal???!!!