Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year

2008 Mileage
I needed 5 more miles to get to 600 for the year. I got it by running on the Reservation. I started at Lone Butte Casino and ran on the service road under all the highway billboards. No traffic, no worries until I ran passed an old building. Not sure if it was a business or someone's house. As I ran past I see two small dogs and their big brother barking away and racing toward me. I immediately started walking and getting out my pepper spray. Did you know that pepper spray is red? I looked, pointed at the dogs and yelled, "stop. Go home." It worked. I kept walking for a bit, so they wouldn't start chasing and I tested the pepper spray to make sure it works. I finished the run in the Casino parking lot. As you can see, I was playing around a bit so I wrote "Happy New Year." Mileage for 2008: 600.2

My December mileage: 96.1

I thought about breaking in.
My last run of 2008.

Career Mileage
1791.3 since June 2006.

The Half Marathon Challenge

So far we have four participants in the HM challenge.

Nat, from Canada. (HM unkown)
Roobabs in Utah is running the Painters Half Marathon in St. George UT.
Viv in Texas was going to participate, but she's on the DL. Viv, if you want to particpate you can pick last. Anyone that still wants to enter, just click on the link to read the rules.

Book #7: 50 Things We Love About Japan.

My dear mother in law gave me a stocking stuffer. It was before she knew about my quest to read 48 books before I turn 48. I'm counting it. It took me about 30 minutes to read. My wife gave me a book too. "Exploration Experience", a National Geographic work. It's huge. It has reproductions of famous maps and documents. I could take a college course and learn less. I'll count it. What's fair is fair.
Jan 1 Race
4th Annual New Years Day 5K Run
at Papago Park in Phoenix.
I'm hoping to do a sub 30 minute race.
If I wake up in time.


J~Mom said...

Good luck tomorrow!! Happy New Year!

wmd said...

Great job getting 600 miles in 08. You have such great views out there in Arizona, I am glad you run with a camera!

Good luck on your 5k tomorrow. I am looking forward to a race report!

I hope 09 brings much running success!

Glenn Jones said...

Happy New Year Pat! Good luck on your run tomorrow! I'll be watching my USC Trojans obliterate Joe Pa's team!

Nat said...

Happy New Year Pat. You know, I was thinking, that Pokey needs to get you on the Four Score and Seven Blisters Ago team. You know you want to.... I think running this would make an ideal resolution.

Wishing you happy miles in 2009. :)

K80K said...

Happy New Year Pat! Is it too late for me to hop on the HM Contest? I am doing WDW on the 10th. Surprise, surprise right?

Adam said...

Hope the race went well. Nice work on all of the milage! Nearly 100 in December - amazing!

Pat said...

glenn, you predicted that usc game right.

katie, yes you can.

Nat, I'd love to, but I don't think it's in the budget.

Irene said...

Happy New Year!

Fantastic job on the mileage!

Jeff said...

Congrats on yet another milestone, Pat. Hoping you didn't test the pepper spray out on yourself.

SuperDave said...

Hurray for the 600!!