Monday, September 18, 2006

Coffee Time

Ok, so my daughter won a coffee maker. A Senseo. You see she listens to the Gilmour Girls Podcast. They had a contest to make a t-shirt and she won. A coffee maker. Of course, none of us drink coffee.

Until tonight.

I read somewhere that caffiene will help you run better. So, an hour before I ran I drank 4 oz. of coffee.

The result - a PR of 35:52 for 3 miles, a PR of 23:40 for the first 2 miles and a PR for the 3 mile pace of 11:57.

Was it the coffee or the lower temperatures? I'm not sure, but I will be trying a cup of Joe more often. So, what do you think? Is it the coffee? What do you do to get better results? I kind of feel like Barry Bonds.

gotta run, Pat


Vic said...

Coffee is definitely legal doping. Go for it.

I'd say that lower temps are more to blame for your speediness than the coffee.

Keep up the good work, Barry!

Javamom said...

It's gotta be the coffee. :>) I abuse it all the time!