Sunday, September 17, 2006

Meep Meep

I made it to 100 miles today. I ran in the middle of the day in 90* weather. The Arizona Sun was blazing and I wore sun glasses for the first time on a run. I should have worn a hat. It was hotter than I am used to. I ran two miles. My first mile was in 11:25, just 4 seconds of my PR. The second mile was in 15.35. Not so good.

I changed my name on Runner's World's forums. I was No Fries. Not sure why I picked that, but I did. I asked for suggestions from othr forumites and I got several pretty good ones. RunITout, AZdoesIT and several others which were great. But, the one everyone liked the best was from TeamKT. The said, "you live in a state that actually has road runners, you should be meep meep." After the Roadrunner cartoon. They don't know that I run more like a desert tortoise. Maybe I should call myself "road kill".

It took someone from outside the state to think of that. Us, AZ residents don't immediately think of the Roadrunner cartoon when thinking about our state. Plus, we don't have road runners running down our streets. We have pidgeons and roof rats. We have dust devils and huge dust storms more than we have rain. We have really hot weather in the summer and wonderful winter weather. Some of us have scorpions, some of us see rattlesnakes or javalina. But heck, I live in the city and all I see are stray cats and lizzards.

So, I got my first 100 miles in. Now for the next 100 miles. That should be around October 19th. I will probably celebarate by running that mile somewhere new. I could run it on a track and try to set a PR for the mile. I could run it 200 miles from home. Maybe in some national park. I sure could use some suggestions. Click on the comment and give me an idea.

gotta run, Pat

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Sherri said...

Congratulations on hitting that 100 mile mark! And here's to progressing to 200!!!!