Friday, September 01, 2006

How fast do I run?

This is my son's pet turtle. Speedy can't keep up with me.

I have noticed that my mile times are faster when I take a walk break. If I run the mile without stopping I will do it in 12:30 or more. When I ran my PR of 11:21, I stopped a few times. I just need to stop and catch my breath, then I can continue to run. right now i think I'm most comfortable with a 4 minute run/ 1 minute walk pace.

Last night I ran two miles on the Sunrise loop. I have two loops of a mile each. One, in my neighborhood of Sunrise and one in the next neighborhood of D'Arcy Ranch. Both neighborhoods look the same. Just different builders. Anyway, I ran the first mile in 11:50 with a couple walk breaks. The second mile was in 14:39 with a maybe 5 walk breaks.

I've noticed that Speedy takes a break whenever he finds something to munch on.

Gotta Run, Pat

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