Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ohhh sooo sore!

I do love to play softball. But, after the first game I am always so sore. I tried running on Saturday around 4 pm. I was a bit sore then. I usually run at night, but the temperature was in the mid 80's so I didn't think it was too hot. It was over cast too. But, as soon as I started running the clouds parted and I was in the direct sun. I ran the first mile in 12.20, a fast pace for me, but I also felt real good. I had planned to run 3 miles. Half way into my second mile, my tank ran dry. I decided to walk for a bit. The walk got longer and slower as I went. 2 miles just shy of 29 minutes.

I'm reading a book called, "Chi Running" by Danny Dreyer. A T'ai Chi approach to running that is effortless, injury-free running. In it he says you can have a bad running day or you can treat the run as a good running lesson. I prefer to be positive and consider yesterday as a good running lesson.

What I learned:

  1. It's harder to run when you're sore from another activity. Slow your pace down.
  2. When the sun is on me, I need to slow my pace down.
  3. It's ok to stretch in the middle of the run, if I think it will help me finish the distance.

Yesterdays loop was a one mile course that passed by my home, so I could stop. I am fine with stopping short of my mileage. I feel more runners quit running for ever because they force themselves to run even when it's misery. I want to enjoy the run. I don't mind pushing myself a bit. But, in the end I want to look forward to running the next day. Of course, I'm still sore. So today will be a rest day.

Enjoy, Pat

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