Friday, September 08, 2006

A video to see

I read other runner's blogs for inspiration. I truly am impressed with what you can learn and the volume of blogs out there. And that's just the running blogs. I was reading a blog I like from Vic Kaiser down in Texas and he mentioned this video on YouTube that was sent to him by another blogger. This is a great video to watch. I would also suggest you visit the blogs of these two people too.

Motivational Video

Vic's blog: Run4yourlife

Life on the Run

Thursday night I ran 4 miles. About 80% of it running. I usually mix in more walking than that, but I felt really good the first mile. My breathing was better, my legs felt great. The first three miles were at record pace for me: 38:16. My splits were 12.10,12.27,13.39,15.36. The weather is breaking around here. I ran around 8 pm in 80*. So far this week I've run 13.6 miles. If you'd like to see my weekly mileage go to the left bar and click on the mileage under personal records.

Enjoy, Pat

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