Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Last Four Days

Wednesday: Day of Rest

Thursday: 6.2 Miles. My longest run to date. 5 1/2 miles were by myself at a good pace of 12.49. I walked with Amy (dw) after mile 1 for about 7/10ths of a mile. My splits were: 11.06 PR/11.43/11.57/13.45/13.55/8.03 (1/2 mile) . I ran this in my neighborhood. My usual track - Sun Rise Loop.

Friday: 1.4 miles in Kiwanis Park. From the ballfields around the lake and back. I ran it all in about 18 minutes. Guessing on time, because I forgot to stop my time when I was done. I ran it after our softball game. We lost, but had a good time. I hit a two run homer. I, also, pitched. The ump called more illegally high pitches than I've had call on me in the last 12 months. I do like to pitch high. Hopefully, he won't be umping many of our games.

Saturday: 3.5 miles in about 46 minutes. Ran from archery range in Papago Park to the zoo and back. 21 minutes downhill and 25 minutes back up. My son particpated in the "Shut Up and Shoot" archery tournament put on by Arizona State University's Archery Club. While he shot, I ran from the range, across McDowell Road to the zoo. It is all part of Papago Park on the Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix border. The course was 1.7 miles downhill to the zoo and 1.7 miles uphill back. It was also the first time I ran off road on a trail. Desert trails have lots of rocks. I had to run around a butte, in a wash and up to a closed road (asphalt) to get to the zoo. At the zoo I crossed over the bridge that has a lake below with lots of turtles. I needed to use the facilities and the zoo was nice enough to let me go in without paying. I felt obliged to at least buy a soft serve ice cream. I watched the turtles a little bit more (there on the outside) and then ran back to the archery range. I took some pictures of my run.


Vic said...

What an adventure.

Check for mobile blogging. You can upload photos straight to your blog from your phone.

Carl " Ray Markini " Nordstrom said...

I tell ya I think you and me are about the same kind of runner. Our paces are almost identical, you may be a tad faster than me by a few seconds, but scary close. Keep up the great work!