Monday, September 11, 2006

Some new links and 5 miles

I added some new links on the left side bar. These are running links I find interesting. They're either in other parts of the country that I like (Cincinnati), are at different stages of their running careers or are just great writers. I encourage you to visit the sites and learn about running in Texas or at Heartbreak Hill in Boston.

As for my running. I just ran 3 miles sandwiched inbetween two miles or walking. The three miles were done in 39.23 with a fast lap of 12.48.

The one song I hit the repeat button on: Dr. Hook's "Only Sixteen". What can I say. I like music from my high school years.

Coincidence: I visited "The Running Rabbit" a blog by a cincinnati elementary teacher. I made a comment after one of her entries mentioning that I went to a St. Clare Catholic Elementary in College Hill (a cincinnati neighborhood). Wouldn't you know it, she used to teach at St. Clare.

Gotta run,


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