Friday, September 08, 2006

X Training?

At 4 pm I took my son, Tyler to the archery range for some practice. Neither of us have shot lately. He's a two time state champ in his age group. He shoots a Hoyt Compound. He's shot at the Las Vegas Riveria Tournament, The Duel in the Desert in Long Beach, California, The JOAD Nationals in Cincinnati, Ohio. He's a much better shot than I. I shoot an Olympic style recurve. We shot for about 45 minutes. It can really work your shoulders and arms.

Then after dinner I played softball. It was the opening game for our fall league. I pitch, so I do a lot of running around, backing up plays, covering bases when fielders are getting relays. We lost, which isn't unusual, but it was fun. I batted three times. I hit a sharp single past the third baseman. I hit a sharp ground out to the shortstop. In my final at bat I hit a screamer in the left center field gap. It went all the way to the fence. I went all the way to third and should have stopped but continued on. The throw was perfect to the catcher. I stopped returned to third where the thirdbaseman easily tagged me out.

After the game, I ran. I thought it was a mile. Two laps around two softball fields. It actually turned out to be 8/10 of a mile. No time. No hurry.

So, this is my version of cross training. Oh yeah, I did work earlier in the day.

Enjoy, Pat

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