Friday, September 15, 2006

Strike 3

It was softball nite. We usually lose, but tonight we played our hearts out. we were down, but came back and had a chance to win in the last inning until I came to bat. I live for the chance to get the game winning hit in the last inning. You don't get the chance often. In the game I got a double in the first scoring a couple and I walked twice without getting anything to hit. The final at bat went to a 3-2 count and I didn't want to walk. A got a lousy pitch way outside and I swung. And missed. Game over. We lost.

In co-ed softball when you walk a male, he gets to go to second. We would have scored a run and had men on 2nd and 3rd with two outs. When you walk a male with two outs the women following can also take a walk. We would have had bases load, down by 1 with Duane up. He would have gotten a hit, I'm sure and we would have had a great chance to win.

As you can imagine, I feel bad.

After the game I ran 5 laps around the two softball fields. That's two miles. Then I did five 50 yard sprints. It felt good.

Life goes on. Sorry guys.


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DSpeer said...

Hey, it happens! I miss playing softball. No time for it in the busy schedule right now. Running takes most of the free time I have (and don't have).

But, at least you got the good run in afterwards. It's good seeing your progression!