Saturday, February 07, 2009

An All New Run

Decide to run east toward a shopping center that has a lake. The lake has a mile long path around it. It was 70 degrees and beautiful outside.

Ran on a major street going out, but found this hidden path going home. On one side was a wall with a subdivision on the other side. On the south side was a large home with pandas grazing in the field. Down at the bottom of this post is an aerial of the panda ranch. It was shoe horned in between two subdivisions. That long grass area belongs to one owner.

I ran 5 miles in a little less than an hour. It was a slow run/walk/run, but my legs felt great. My hip felt fine.


Adam said...

You see some of the most cool stuff on your runs!

Anonymous said...

We call those "OREO Cows."

I'm thinking of taking your lead and trying to read 37 books before I'm 37. I like that idea, I love to read but never seem to make time.

Richard Hefner said...

What a beautiful place... I gotta move to Arizona when I grow up!

Greg said...

Great scenery for a great run, Pat!

Listen, thanks for posting comments to my blog even though I haven't been posting to yours. I'm having a bit of trouble being up lately, and you've been tremendously helpful with that.

RooBabs said...

That looks like a great run. I love running by water (I think mentally it seems refreshing), and that shaded path looks fantastic.

And that's too funny about the pandas/oreo cows/whatever. We don't have those kind of cows around here. = )

Jes said...

That looks like a great place to run!

I really enjoyed my time in AZ. Some of the best runs I've had in a long time happened during my stay there! Wish I could get back for that Havasu half - I bet the course is gorgeous!

SuperDave said...

You really do have a good place to run. I am jealous!