Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The Day the Music Died

Since today was the day the music died and I don't have American Pie on my ipod, I skipped the music. It was the first day running since my last half marathon.

My legs felt really stiff. I've not felt that before. I got 4 miles in at about an 11:32 pace. It was 78 degrees, a bit warm. But, a beautiful day.

An Official Race photo was taken at the last turn when I started sprinting. You can see the photog in the picture above way back there. These pictures were taken by Suzy, Nick's wife. This is my sprint in. The lady right behind me picked up her pace, but not enough to recapture 498th place.*
Nick with a strong finish.

Nick, Suzy, Billy, Pat

Luis Gonzalez and bubblegum
Did I ever tell I once bid on a piece of bubblgum chewed by the Arizona Diamondback's Luis Gonzalez. It's true. I was even interviewed on a local tv station. I think my bid was around $700. Amy couldn't believe it. My kids thought it was cool. Eventually, I lost out to a guy that paid $10,000 for the chewed gum. It was a way to promote my website - http://www.townhomesonly.com/. I wonder where that gum is today.
*I'm guessing on the place. But we did battle pretty hard in the race to the finish.


Nick Markosian said...

That wasn't 'finishing strong' that was dying at the finish line! :)

I was going to try and get a run in today, but have come down with a cough that has me a bit concerned. Will take it easy until I'm better or worse.

Anonymous said...

Great official pic! Hope the legs loosen up soon.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, I've never seen an official photo like that. You look like those motor cross guys making their turns. It must be the speed....

lifestudent said...

Yum. Used gum. Couldnt think of a better place to spend my money :)

J~Mom said...

You are so funny!! The gum surprises me!

Adam said...

Odd little fact... I grew up 45 minutes away from where that plane crashed.

Gum huh? I've got an old banana peel that has your name on it! lol