Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Run in the Sun

57 degrees and sunny. I went for a run/photo session around Tempe Town Lake.
This is what's left of the old tempe bridge.

The view from the Tempe Arts Center with it's zero edge pool.

Along the lake path are all kinds of art work. This one and others were called windows.

The view from the western most point on the trail.

Can you see what this sculpture is made of?

The big wigs to be announced that the dams up river are at capacity. So, now we have to start letting the water run free. Which means it won't be used, it'll just flow down the dry river bed. This is the adjustable rubber dam letting the water go.

Downtown Phoenix in the distance. You can see the Diamondbacks stadium to the left.

Sculpture below the bridges.

Snow on the mountains. That's Four Peaks and it's the closest mountain range that gets large amounts of snow. You can see it from the east valley. Oh yeah, I got 3.1 miles done. Mostly running, but lots of stopping to snap pictures. 35 minutes.

Southern California Speedsters
Did you know on this day in 1962 Jim Beatty set the indoor mile record of 3:58.9 in LA. It was the first sub 4 minute mile indoors. Which reminds me of another speedy southern Californian, Irene. Here's hoping Irene is having a fabulous February


Marcy said...

Why is it that I was expecting Lisa's crazy face with crazy hair jump out in one of these pics?! LOL I don't know . . .I'm wacky.

Adam said...

How do you carry a camera while running? I hace always wanted to do that, but have never been able to figure out the logistics.

Pat said...

Adam, most times I just carry my camera phone. But, now I have a slim Panasonic Lumix and I carried it in a small case. I had to hold it the entire time.

Not sure I'll be doing that on runs longer than 3 miles.

Anonymous said...

Pat you take great photos!

Database Diva said...

I take a camera to marathons. It dangles from my wrist by the strap. I've dropped it a couple of times, but it's holding up nicely. My husband carried a video camera through the Disneyland Half Marathon. His arm got very tired, and the video was so jumpy it gave me motion sickness!

Pat, how do you tolerate the monotony of all that sunshine, blue skies, gentle landscapes, etc? It must be tough ;)

CJ Miller said...

Hi Pat! It's CJ... long time no talk! I have been super busy with some work stuff and trying to run btwn knee aches that mysteriously appear and not appear. Did a nice 10 mile run last week, so I decided to ratchet back my LD Marathon plan, and just run the 1/2. I just was not able to get any more long runs in since December and I know I am not ready for 26. I have decided to forego the medal and the parking lot and start with the Marathon Start. I will run to the 1/2 way point which is not too far from my house - about 2 miles. So my time won't be official, but I don't care. I love the start of the Lost Dutchman out at the Peralta trail head, so that is my plan. Once again, we will be running in the same race, but probably no chance to meet one another! I will be thinking of you and hoping you do great! I hear it is supposed to be COLD and Rainy on Sunday - hope not too much rain! Best of luck! - CJ

Irene said...

I'm a little late here, but thanks for the props!

As always, I love the photos!