Thursday, February 26, 2009

Chip 292

The Arizona Road Racers have a supply of Champion Chips to loan at their races. Chip #292 is famous because it is the chip that was worn for 23 miles by The Biggest Losers, Dane Patterson.

I like to track weird things, so I was wondering who got to wear it next. The next ARR race was the inaugural Arizona Marathon. It was used in the half marathon and here's the runners stats:

Place: 316 292 Tracee Dicamillo 2:39:27 12:10 2:39:13 Litchfield Park AZ

Then it was worn at the Heart & Sole 5k in Goodyear Arizona. A race I ran in. Funny, I was 289 - just 3 off the coveted chip.

Place: 18 292 Gerald Bales 40 17/127 3/11 M 21:38 6:58 22:01

The next race is the Litchfield Park 10k & 5k on March 7th. My guess is it will be in the 10k and the runner will finish with a time of 58:25.

I guess I created a game here. Pick the race and the time you think chip 292 will be in and the closest guess will win a $5 Starbucks card. And my guess is like the double zero on the roulette wheel. It counts for the house.


Greg said...

Pat, you should wear #292 and actually finish the marathon. That way, when you tell people you crossed the finish line, it would have been after doing 26.2 miles, instead of 23, like Dane did. Also, make sure you tell them what your real time was, and not one that's 2 hours shorter than your real time. NBC won't be picking you up 3 miles from the finish, but I think it'll be a much more satisfying finish.

Anonymous said...

I have a real problem with all of this. I understand that it's a television show, but I have a real connection to the fight these people have. I'm 35 and have been obese my entire life--276 now (down from 378 at the beginning of 2008.)

It's not enough for them to post huge weight loss week in and week out, but then to say I guy ran a marathon sub 4 hours when the clock showed almost 6? Then to find out he only ran 23 miles because the camera crew had a time line? Come on! Just kick me in the groin and tell me that all the emotions I've felt for these folks was for nothing.

I'm busting my butt doing this on my own, as well as you are Pat, and Dane is given national recognition for an accomplishment he didn't achieve.

Nick Markosian said...

Pat, I'm in: 5k, 24:17

Some guy named John said...

Oh, I'm gonna guess it'll be in the 5K and run 27:43.

What would have been really poetic is if someone had had the chip at the other marathon and actually ran a 3:53!

Something that irks me about his whole issue with Patterson and the television show: I'm guessing that the guy himself felt contractually obligated to go along with the ruse. If so, then I really feel sorry for him, because it seems to me he got cheated out of his race! And he's going to be infamous.

Adam said...

I doubt they were obligated to do anything.

Didn't one of the females say that they were going to do something after getting off the ranch and then not follow through? I may be thinking of next week though....