Monday, February 02, 2009

The Half Marathon Contest.

The Contestants

Pat (me) ran the P.F. Chang's Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon too. It was my 9th HM. Race report: short version Long version
Roobabs up in Utah ran the Painters HM in St. George, UT.

Katie at K80K ran the Walt Disney World Half Marathon down in Orlando.

Nat, up in Canada ran a very cold Hypothermic Half Marathon.

To read the race reports and you should read them all, click on their names.

The Prizes

This is a collectors pin from the WDW Marathon week. Katie had to stand in line for ever to get it. You just don't pick one up at the gift shop on the way out of the park.

Shanna must have been thinking about me. I love these gel blasts. And the sport wash, I could use that too.

Here's my bundle of goodies. Most of it was swag. Like the NB fridge magnets, cytomax, hand fan, larabar and sun screen. I'm throwing in the race magazine. It's interesting and might make you want to run in AZ. The final touch is the luggage tag from the Arizona Rock 'N' Roll Marathons. It'll let everyone at the luggage carousel know "you are a runner".

The Winners
1. Shanna 2:15:26
2. Pat 2:27:09
3. Katie 2:50:18
4. Nat
Shanna, you get to pick first. Which prize do you want?


RooBabs said...

Sweet! I can't believe I had the fastest time! I may not ever win any races, so this is a great accomplishment for me. = )

It's tough to choose. The Mickey pin is super cute (plus I went there on my honeymoon, so it would be a fun souvenir). However, I'm a sucker for the fridge magnets. I had a set back in college, and it brought me hours of entertainment. Oh, and the luggage tag was the kicker. My husband teases me about my "I am a Runner" bracelet, so that would give him something else to razz me about, LOL.

So, I pick your swag pack. I already gave you my address, didn't I? If not, just let me know.

Thanks again for doing the contest. You are a most gracious host. It was fun to figure out what to get as my contribution, since there was no race expo- it was like an extra challenge.

Pat said...

It was fun. I'll do it again in the future and hopefully, we'll have more runners involved. I've got your address.

I might do it with a 5k race next time.

K80K said...

This was definitely a fun idea and I would be interested in participating again. :D