Sunday, February 08, 2009

One week from Lost Dutchman

I'm one week from the Lost Dutchman Half Marathon. It'll be #11 for me and the second time I've run the event. Remember back in 2007 I lead the LDHM at the 2 mile mark? This is a beautiful race, run at the foot of the Superstition Mountains. Here's some pictures from the 07 race.

After this race, I am adding a 5k on the 21st. It's in Goodyear, AZ and it will start and finish at the new ballpark. The spring training home of the Cleveland Indians and Cincinnati Reds (2010). Since, I'm a Reds fan I had to do it.

Running Until You're 100 Running Until You're 100 by Jeff Galloway
Book #13 (48 books read before I turn 48)

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If your goal is to run for life or into your 60's, 70's and 100's then this is a great book full of advice on staying injury free, eating right, maintaining weight and enjoying the sport.

I've decide to incorporate several things in this book. One, running every other day. If you want to do high mileage, Galloway advises to do less runs, but longer. Better to do 3 five milers than to do 5 three milers in a week. Your rest days are very important to an older runner. I learned this somewhat from doing my 27 straight run days.

Galloway is most know for his system of run/walk/run in all his training and races. Remember Galloway is an Olympic runner, but he still takes walk breaks so that he can maintain his current running level. I've always taken walk breaks, except for a few 5k races. At my last half marathon Nick and I tried to take a walk break for 30-40 seconds every 4 minutes or so. It worked great. I will continue to take walk breaks, but will shorten them. I've been know to take 2-3 minute walk breaks.

Speed work and hills. I plan to do more of these. My past speed work has been a serious of tempo runs in the middle of a relative easy run. Galloway calls these Acceleration/glides. I would increase my pace to 8-9 mpm and hold it for as long as I could. Then take a walk break and do it again. I'll continue to do this and incorporate running up gradual hills. I can do this at South Mtn. park (main entrance) or Discovery Park in Gilbert.

Weights and pool running. I want to start running in the pool and lifting weights at least twice a week. Galloway and others think that pool running is very beneficial to a runner without the wear and tear.

I highly recommend this book and plan to get other Galloway books.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Now you tell me I need to have rest days! Just kidding, I'm really enjoying my streak, it's keeping me on the straight and narrow. This should be an easy week for you leading to teh marathon.

RooBabs said...

Wow, I can't believe you're already doing another half! I think you've done more so far this year than most people will do in all of 2009, ha ha! Good for you.

That book sounds great. I'd love to be able to keep running in my old age. I was just reading in Runner's World about some 83 year old woman who just ran another marathon (I don't remember offhand how many she's done, but it was a lot!) and she only started running in her mid-60's.

Good luck on your race. I'll be doing a 5k on Valentine's Day, then gorging myself later on at the Brazilian Steakhouse (my favorite). Mmmmmm.

Adam said...

Good luck on your next race!

I've ran a 3.48 marathon (not fastfast I know, but fast for me) by taking walk breaks whenever I would drink - about every 3/4 miles. Nothing wrong with doing that!

Database Diva said...

Thanks for the book tip. Since I'm closing in on 50, the subject of running into my later years is a lot more interesting to me now than it might have been 20 years ago! The advice about fewer but longer runs is good, but a little disappointing. I miss running every day, but suspect that 3 runs per week is going to be my limit.