Friday, February 27, 2009

RunningAhead now has a Garmin Download

Today's run - click on it to enlarge
Today's Graph - click on it to enlarge.

First of all, I love RunningAhead, Garmin and Sporttracks. My routine was to run with my garmin and then download the info to sporttracks. Then I would manually enter my data into RunningAhead. Then I would blog about it.

Eric over at RunningAhead has been working for the last two years so that guys like me can download from garmin right to his software. If you are familiar with the Runner's World online training log, then you know RunningAhead. It's the same thing. RW uses Eric's stuff. Now I don't have to enter the data into RA. It does it with a click on a button and I get a cool graph like above, a map and my splits.

The graph above is my run tonight. Played softball at 7:30. We lost by one in the last inning. Yeah, I was the pitcher that gave up the winning run. Then I came home and ran my 3 miles.

Rock 'N' Roll Half Marathon Certificate

It's in the mail. I just got my completion certificate. It's official.

Hey, these are the official pictures of me.

Running a Rock N Roll event? Here's some discount codes.

Rock 'N' Roll San Diego 5/31/09 save $10 code: Rockon
Rock 'N' Roll phoenix 1/17/2010 save $15 code: Urock.
The Dane Patterson Marathon Apology
I can't believe that they would pick him up for 3 miles and drop him off 6.2 miles from the finish line. I could believe that they would drop him off a mile from the finish line or less, but not that far. I'm not buying. Sorry, Reveille.
If I were in charge, I would have simply paid to keep the finish line open. Or I would have paid to have it set up in a parking lot, if there permit wouldn't let the first option happen. ARR could have used the money and I would rather fabricate a finish line than lie about the complete run.


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna try the running ahead software. I've been using the Garmin software and put it into RW, but stopped doing that at the beginning of the year.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Now we have no excuse for not logging our workouts! Oh, wait a minute, if I don't take my Garmin.........

Anonymous said...
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