Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dane Patterson, marathoner?

I ran a marathon tonight.

Actually it was 4.67 miles, but I felt like I could run 26.2 and that counts if you ask the producers of 'The Biggest Loser'.

Did you see Dane Patterson get eliminated from the Biggest Loser tonight. An Arizona contestant who I was rooting for. Disclaimer - I still am a Dane fan, I blame the producers.

After he got eliminated he ran the January 31 Desert Classic Marathon here in Phoenix. He ran with his wife and BL was there to film it. However, they ran out of time, so the film crew drove the pair to the finish line for a photo moment.

So, they only ran 23 miles. Now, hopefully they went back out to the point they stopped and finished the marathon. I'd count that. On the show tonight it said that Dane ran the 26 mile marathon in 3:53. Did he run 23 miles in that time? Did they just project out the time, as if he ran it?

I read a blog of a runner that did finish it. Found it courtesy of Obrats. She finished in 6:14. She ran every inch of the course and she said that the pair were behind her.

Now, I was telling my wife that I was going to quit running. If a 400 pound man, granite he lost 100 before the marathon can run that fast in just 3 months time, then I'm not much of a runner. I should just quit.

Now, I know the secret. Have my wife pick me up in her mini van. I could run marathons every day.

Here's some interesting places to visit.

Desert Classic Marathon 2009 Results. - Dane was bib # 292. No, you won't find him. I'm proud of the Arizona Road Racers for not listing him as a finisher.

Melancholy Smile Race Report. Congratulations you are a MARATHONER! Read the last paragraph of the race report and then look for Dane's wife's comment. I give her props for being honest. I don't think Dane was in on the fix, so he should still be consider for the Hall of Fame. I doubt NBC really knew. It's the producers that try to sell us gum and yogurt to lose weight. I do like the zip lock bags, though.


Sports Endurance Enthusiast said...


Congratulations on your accomplishment. I am a HUGE fan of the show! And who cares if you are short 3 miles! It's a feat that no one is able to achieve!

Now, with this in mind, can you do a triathlon with Blane and me>

Some guy named John said...

That is quite likely the most bizarre thing I've ever heard!

Are you old enough to remember the Rosie Ruiz scandal? You'd think if the show's producers were going to give him a ride, they could have given him a better time than 3:53! Why, even the Boston public transportation system did a better job for Ruiz!

TNTcoach Ken said...

I was about to give up marathoning if they ran that fast with their form! We saw the time and couldn't believe it, although I gave Dane the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for doing the... leg work of this issue

Pat said...

John, I do know of Rosie Ruiz.

SEE, Actually a few hundred people did finish that marathon. ran the whole 26.2 miles. Dane running 17 or 23 is great and he should be applauded for doing that just months after becoming active again.

but he is not a marathoner.

thanks for the invite to do a tri. I'm inspired by those that run/bike/swim all in one event. I've never done it. However, I did run a marathon. Is that good enough to be called an Ironman? No, I don't think so either.

Jeff said...

Thank you for posting! I missed last night's episode and my wife informed me that Dane cracked 4 hours and I was in total disbelief! I'm training for my second marathon in May, using Hal Higdon's Advanced II program at 6'6", 250 pounds and doing all the speed work I can to break 4 hours. To see Dane jog in at 3:53 almost made me quit!

Thank you - thank you!!!!

Adam said...

WOOOOOOOOW. I'll admit, I was REALLY surpised when I saw that he ran it in 353 or whatever. I thought to myself "wow, GOOD for him, he did it all - and FAST!".

Finding this out just makes me feel really mad. From the races that I have ran, the first 20 miles are "easy" it is the last 10k that is the hard part. I'm sure that editing plays a large role in those shows, but this is a BIT too far.

He ran 17 miles - which is AWESOME. There is no way that I could do it with a 100 lbs strapped to my back.

Marcy said...

Seriously?! What a sham! He would have been on pace for a decent time too. Now if I can only get Mr McG to drive me to the finish of my next marathon so I can BQ :P

Alissa said...

Wow that is just wrong! Thanks for telling us about it. I seriously hate the Biggest Loser show. Sorry to all you loyal followers. I just don't think it sends the right message. I've read several articles about how the contestants starve themselves in the months before the finale (when they're on their own), then gain a bunch back the day after, because half of the reason they were so light is they had severely dehydrated themselves!

RooBabs said...

Okay, but I'm still confused. Even if he only ran 23 miles of it and was bussed to the finish- I swear the clock said 5:53- not 3:53. I even rewound it while I was watching.

Plus, I was watching them run, and thinking, okay I'm not a fast runner, but I run faster than that, and it would take me at least 4:30 for a full mary (just estimating based on my half time). So I was shocked when it showed that he ran it in 3:53.

But if what that other blogger said about running in 6:14, and they were behind her, then hitting 23 miles at 5:53 makes much more sense. What's up Biggest Loser? I love the show, but I demand an answer!! Why the lies?

But kudos to Dane for completing the 23. I think it's great, especially for a big guy, and I didn't want him to get eliminated (personally I think it was a stupid move on the part of the team).

Adam said...

Roobabs, it looks like a typo on the ending screen because, as you can see on this page, it is actually 5.53.

This honestly reminds me of american idol and how some of the contentants during the first few seasons tried to get away with being strippers, professional singers, etc. They really thought that they would get away with it!?

Check out the URL above, I thought that the last two paragraphs really rang true for me:

The fact is that the running community is a very supportive group. We want everyone to run - from the 2:30:00 marathon winners to the 7:00:00 course closers — and to feel proud. Running isn’t about “me vs. you.” It’s about being free, owning the road with fellow runners, and leaning on your friends when your knee gives out at mile 6.

Did NBC make a mistake? Absolutely! Now they should accept responsibility and fess up. That’s the least they can do for someone who’s worked so hard and boosted their ratings!!!

Emily said...

Wow, this is crazy. Thanks so much for posting about it! My husband and I were watching and were really flummoxed by the whole thing. We both commented to each other about how were were totally thrown by how easily he was just traipsing across the line. They didn't look sweaty or beat at all! Thanks for passing along the information, hopefully NBC will come out with something. -e

Darin said...

whew-glad to hear that i was not the only one wanting to quit running after seeing his fake subFour finish time! I have busted my hump for my 4:14 and 4:04 finishes and when I saw the fake time, my heart sank and I too thought for a few minutes of giving up my quest for sub-four!
NBC should be ashamed!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,
I ran 23 miles…that is good. I later ran the 3 additional miles for a total of 26 miles… I later walked to may car for the additional 0,2 miles…so that is a marathon… I also figured that when I was kid a rode my bike almost every day for 9 summers between the ages of 6 and 15…I covered a distance of over 13 miles each summer so that totals over 112 miles… in the first 20 years of my life I swam over 2.5 miles total… I also visited Hawaii once…

So take the distance I ran, biked and swam in my lifetime plus the fact I visited Hawaii once, I figure I completed the Hawaiian Ironman Triathlon and I have asked them to send me the medal.

After it does not really matter when or how you do things…it’s just a matter of how you add it all up. Send me more medals...

Sincerely, Ironman Dane

Pat said...


Hope you're doing well and good luck with your next race.