Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Goodyear Heart and Sole Run

This morning's 5k was at the site of the Brand Spanking New Goodyear Ballpark in Goodyear, AZ. The spring home of the Cleveland Indians and future spring home of my Cincinnati Reds.

Lots of Indians fans, but the home opener next Wednesday is not sold out. Tickets are from $12 to $80. I think ticket prices are way too high at all the Cactus League stadiums. It's cheaper to go to a regular season game. Which is why I haven't been to a spring game since Ken Griffey Jr. was a mariner. Hey, I guess I can go again now.

Anyone visiting this blog for the baseball pics, can skip down to them. I talk a lot about running on this blog.

I ran the 5k and was about the 10th person over the start line. And about the 100 person over the finish line. My garmin split for the first mile was 8:16, the fastest one mile in my racing life. My first half mile was at 7:46. I tried to keep up with the rabbits, but it wasn't to be.

My second mile past the practice fields was at 9:43, much more like me.

My third mile was at 10:22. I think I had one walk break during the second mile and a couple in mile three. That first mile was getting to me.

But, I rallied to do the home stretch in 7:28. The Scorpion Cheer squad cheered and I got a finishers ribbon. Finish time was 29:16. Just 27 seconds from a PR.

The sculpture outside the stadium. It's 60' 6" tall ( the distance from home to the pitchers mound) and is supposed to looks somewhat like a planes wing. Goodyear/Phoenix airport is right next to the ballfield. This picture makes it look like a bat, but that's not the intention. If they would have made it out of used tire rubber, then it would have represented Goodyear even more.

Down the third base side of the ballpark are Reds photos. On the left side are the Indians photos.

I asked a stranger to take my picture. He said sure, so I asked him if he was with the city. Turns out he's with HOK, the builder. They introduced him during the ribbon cutting ceremonies.

Goodyear Stadium.

See the ball in midair?

From centerfield. It's a nice facility, but Camelback Ranch, the new home of the Dodgers looks better.
Run a 5k, go to the ballpark and have a dog and a beverage of your choice. It doesn't get any better.
*A side note - as I walked around the facility in my Reds attire, about a dozen Indians fans mentioned I was a year early.


TNTcoach Ken said...

That's how you run a 5k, crash and burn! You're at the ballpark and we're getting dumped on with more white stuff.

Nick Markosian said...

Looks like a fun time Pat! You are a race addict!

SuperDave said...

Wow what a great day!
I think it is so cool that you run races nearly every weekend. I hope to one of these days. Keeps your mind focused.
That's a speedy first mile!

SeeDivaRun said...

A 5K, a hot dog and a baseball game and all in sunshine sounds like a pretty good day to me. Thanks for posting so many pictures. It's good to see the sun.

By the way, we refer to lobster girl as "krazee", which is her screen name on the LVM21 message board. She ran the ET Half Marathon with us in 2006. She made a costume out of glow sticks. The photos don't do it justice. It was fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Great report! I'm a Diet Coke kind of a guy as well! Actually, I prefer Coke Zero! Guess that's why I'm always the DD on Guys Night Out!

Glenn Jones said...

Great RR! Say Pat - I was in Cleveland this past week. Based on the weather, anyone from Cleveland would be happy to pay for a ticket to get out of there!

Looks like a nice field. Can't wait for the season to start!

Adam said...

NICE WORK on the fast mile! The great thing about 5Ks is you can go pretty hard at the start and not worry about crashing TOO horribly bad.

That stadium is pretty sweet. I will admit that I think the 60' tall baseball bat looks a lot like a... Well, lets just say that it is very phallic.

Jeff said...

Great run and great pictures, too.

I'm amazed at what's happend to spring training tickets. I have tix to see the Yankess next week -- i think we're in the last row of the upper deck at $30 a pop. . . and they're playing the Twins!

Seems like there will soon be more teams training in AZ than in FL.