Monday, February 09, 2009

I'd cut my leg off to run!

I got to run in the rain today. It was overcast, around 60 degrees and windy. Who knew the weather could be like that here in Arizona. I liked it.

And you can tell by my splits. I decided to keep near home, just incase the heavens opened up. Right around the 2 mile mark it started to drizzle. Didn't last long, so I kept on running. Legs felt great, hip felt great. 6 miles done in almost an hour.
I'd Cut My Leg Off to Run

Yeah, you've heard that before. But, here's a guy that meant it.


Nick Markosian said...

Darn nice run Pat! You must be feeling it!

Irene said...

Did you see the article about that guy when it came out in Runner's World a couple of months ago? I was completely amazed what a person would do for the love of his sport! He has a very supportive family.

Good running, Pat!

Kai said...

That guy is amazing, and I think many of us would do the same if in his shoes. This is horrible of me, but on a day when I have bad shin splints, I think "If I had prosthetics, my shins would never hurt!"

Adam said...

Wow. What a decision.

Database Diva said...

I'm way behind in my Runner's World reading. I just read the article about him from the October issue this weekend. Some of it was a little tough to read, especially the details about the accident and the surgery. The recovery was more difficult than he expected. What a difficult decision that had to be.

SuperDave said...

That is quite the peepy run.
I read that article a few months back. Tough decision.