Saturday, August 19, 2006

The 1st 1 Mile Race

August 18th was the first 1 mile race. I was the only participant. So I WON! In a time of 11:30, a personal record. After this race, I did a second mile of 15:49 and a third mile of 17:32.

I ran around 8 pm in 90+ weather. It was dry with humidity in the mid 30's.

I felt great after the first mile, but then my left achilles started to bother me. I walked the last mile. That makes 12 miles for the week. Another personal best.

My weight on Sunday was 252, a slight gain from last week. Today, it is 247.5 (my digital scale does half pounds).

My goals for this week were to run 15 miles and weight 248 or less. I made weight and did 12 miles. I could go and do 3 miles tonight, which was the plan. But, if my leg doesn't get any better, I'll take the night off. I doubt it will be better by tonight. A couple of weeks ago, I had the same pain. a couple days of rest did wonders and I improved afterwards.

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