Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1st run

I don't remember why I wanted to start running. I know I need to lose weight and that is part of the reason.

I just remember sometime in the beginning of June, 2006 I got my gym shoes on and went out side late at night and ran. I had watched Forrest Gump on TV. Maybe that's why. One day he just started running and as the story goes he ran for years non-stop.

Well, on my first day I ran about 10 houses. Then I walked. It was after dark. I live in Chandler, Arizona and it was probably over 100 degrees. I sweated. A lot. I didn't have a water bottle, which would have been nice. But, I didn't go to far from home either. I probably put in 1/2 a mile or maybe a bit more. My shins hurt (shin splints?), my breathing was labored (asthma?) but I was happy to be moving.

I play softball and do a lot of walking in my job (REALTOR®), so I am somewhat active, but running has always taken a lot out of me. I can get on the exercise bike and ride for half an hour more without getting nearly as winded as I do when I run. I have exercised induced asthma and the up and down jostling in jogging makes it tough for me. But I will endure.

I decided to buy running shoes.


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