Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It Hurts a bit

I took one day off and my calf was feeling better. Tonite I tried to run, but I made it about 5 steps before the pain returned. I could walk with only a bit of pain. So I walked for about 2 miles.

When I started this running thing, I weighed 256.5 lbs. (My digital scale measures to the half pound). This morning I weighed 251.5. I'd really like to get below the 250 mark as soon as possible. Then the march toward 200 lbs.

The photo is of my kids and me. Amy, my wife manned the camera. She, like my kids tend to be on the slender side. Tyler and Emily run some with me. Amy has some back issues so she walks. The photo is at Hoover Dam. The water should be at the top of the bathtub ring or white. I guess you call it a drought.

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