Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The past week

Friday the 25th: I ran 3.3 miles in about 50 minutes. The weather was much better. It rained earlier in the day, which is rare for the Phoenix area. The tempature at my run time, 8 pm was 84*.The humidity was up there at 56%.

Saturday the 26th: 3.3 miles in 46:27. About a 13 minute pace in 91* weather. 30% humidity. My 3 mile time was under 40 minutes for the first time: 39:57. I picked up the pace for the last 30 seconds, because I knew I could get under 40 minutes.

Sunday the 27th: I ran 4 miles for the first time. I say run, eventhough I walk some of it. This run started with walking the first mile with my wife and two kids. The last 3 miles I went solo and ran at least half of it. 95*, 30%, 8 pm.

Monday the 28th: I guess I got inspired and so I ran 5 miles. Again I walked quite a bit of it. But, that's ok with me. The first mile was all running and I finished at 12:31. I did the first three miles in 44:41. 95*, 30%, 8 pm.

Tuesday the 29th: 2.67 miles. 2 miles at 23:54, 11:57 pace. 98*, 33%, 8 pm. I mapped out a new course thru D'Arcy Ranch. This was my fasted two mile run. The first lap was 11:46 and the second was 12:08. My time usually goes up alot more on the second and third miles.

Enjoy, Pat

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